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Thread: NOOB: how to cruise and blast

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    Question NOOB: how to cruise and blast

    HI GUYS!
    Need some help! On CRUISE and BLAST.

    I have used AAS for 3 years since now (only fast esters) and only with fast cycles 3 weeks in 4 weeks out with PCT (Clomid, Arimidex etc) (so maybe you will say.. NO EXPERIENCE NOOB!).
    At the end of the day, i really don't like the results.... i have used pretty everything.. every time that i stopped products i have lost 99% of my gains. For me it was just time and gear wasted..

    How should i do CRUISE and BLAST?

    For what i have understood CRUISE is when you stop BLASTING and you take only 250mg TEST E a WEEK.

    What about BLAST? How should i BLAST? For how much time?

    While waiting, i'm cutting to 6-8% BF from my actual 15% (fucking fat for bb)

    P.S. Have also ordered some testo for cruise
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    This is just my opinion:

    Cruise = Dependent on your size and development, highest possible AAS dosage whilst allowing bloodwork values to return to normal. This will obviously vary from person to person, but some individuals can cruise on 400mg weekly and have lipids etc be fine whilst others need to be lower at around 250mg. Cruising is also dependent on your goals, if you compete cruising is kept to a minimum and really only is needed when health becomes a concern/ body needs a break, otherwise its just off season/ contest prep blasts. Most recreational AAS users can get away with a test only cruise, personally I like to add Masteron in at a low dose for its properties. Others add Primo or low dose NPP/Deca. Primo for the look it brings and Nandrolone for the joint health. Cruising is NOT the same as TRT, I see alot of people make this mistake. Cruising is dropping to a dosage that allows you to retain muscle mass whilst taking a physical or mental break, and as i've said above should be determined by your goals. TRT is obviously a doctor determined dosage to support normal function as a healthy male, muscle retention/appearance is not the primary concern. As you get bigger your cruise dosage will have to increase also, in order to support the level of muscle mass you have.

    Blasting = Specifically what blast you choose is completely down to what you are using AAS for. Very simply put (without concern for GH/Slin);
    Bulking: Test + Deca + Dbol. If you respond poorly to Nandrolone substitute it for EQ.
    Cutting: Test + Tren + Mast. Test stays low, Tren and Mast bring a harder, drier look. Tren is hugely anabolic so allows you to run a big caloric deficit and retain muscle

    Obviously this is massively simplified, but as a starting point thats how most blasts are designed. You'll have to read around to learn about what compounds/dosages are suited to your goals.

    Blast length varies, its a balance between monitoring health and blasting for long enough to make the progress you need to.

    Hope this helps

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    It helped a lot m8! I won't compete atm... i'm too old and little for that... 1,82m 85kg 13% bf now 34y, i trained as natural since 3 years ago, from the 22y old.
    Sooo my plan since now is: go down to 6-8% bf, following Galeniko/Noone starvation diet (1000cals day, 850g chicken breast ed).
    My actual (thx to a friend) BLAST then is Test P 200mg, NPP 300mg, TREN A 200mg, PROVIRON 25mg ed, 1 arimidex ew, 2.5ui hgh (generic chinese), 40mcg clen eod, 25 mcg t3 100mcg t4 e3d (since my thyrod was a bit slow).

    Today is my first week inside (diet and cycle), and i feel very good even if i eat only 3 times a day and i do 5 workouts a week.
    I have dropped 3kgs in 1 week, now NPP seems to starting working since i see some water here and there...

    Basically i'll have to "BLAST" for at least let's say 6-8weeks do basical blood tests (LDL, HDL, blood density, liver, insuline, glucose) and then CRUISE if my blood tests will be bad.

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    Ifyam,that diet is insane.
    Starvation is never a good way to get lean.
    But it is your health.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Comerford View Post
    Ifyam,that diet is insane.
    Starvation is never a good way to get lean.
    But it is your health.
    Indeed but it's just to speed it up. Have to reach my goal, then i can go up slowly with cals.

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    Blasting and cruising is the exacting same as cycling without the your planned cycle when it's time to stop you cruise on around 200mg of test ideally the same time cruising is the same as the blast/cycle if your losing all your gains post cycle your doing something/alot wrong first guess is diet but only you can answer that..

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    Just to inform people.

    I started my cruise and blast cycle with very low dose of blast tbh... my aim is to cut fat. Was at 15% when i started, and progress are going slow and steady. I have raised cals to 2500, starvation was really too hard, can't even train at the gym and i mean push myself to the limits.

    So my blast is: 50mg eod Test P 76mg Tren A (have to finish some old vial, then i'll buy the MTS one!) 100mg NPP (from MTS) 25mg ed Proviron 1mg ew Adex.

    Dosages are pretty low but i don't want to burn myself, i think that slow and steady gains are best.

    In 2 weeks i'll have my blood tests and see what have to change or if i need to cruise. Have already Test E for it
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    Little update on my first CRUISE/BLAST.

    Started the 12th of Jan at 1000 cals (86kg) after 14 days (83kg mainly glycogen was lost) i have upped cals to 2400 (after 1 week was 91kg) on non training days 2700 on training days (only added a PWO shake with Dextrose, Prots, 1 Banana), with just 1000 cals can't even train properly... i was flat and weak.

    Since 3 weeks my RECOMP BLAST is: 50mg eod Testo P, 100mg eod Tren A, 100mg eod NPP, 50mg Proviron ED, 2 Adex EW, 60mcgs Clen eod.

    I'm thinking to switch NPP to Masteron P 100mg eod as soon as my BF will drop, or to Primobolan Acetate 100mg ed.
    Scale is always fixed at the same value after 5 weeks... maybe i'm doing something wrong with diet? I train 4 times a week 1h-1h and half, no cardio.

    My stats 1,82m 91kg 15% bf 34y old.
    I'm eating 250g prots (egg whites for breaksfast, chicken breasts, whey iso only PWO), 250g carbs (rice), 45g (2 eggs for breakfast, olive oil, sunflower oil), i'm always hungry :'(

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