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Thread: How much test to run while cutting

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    How much test to run while cutting

    Hey guys about to start cutting planning on taking 400mg a week of tren e just wondering how much test I should use with it, going to be using test 400 thanks

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    Personally I'd go 200mg a week, but if you're really advanced you'd need more test than that. 200mg is more than double your natural levels AND you're running a hefty dose of tren, decent calorie deficit and protein high enough and you'll have a great cut.

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    Yeah stick with low test

    throw in some Mast E as well... the look it gives is worth it

    MTS still have the clearance sale going on mite as well make use of it

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    Thanks guys I've gt mast e going to wait a bit longer into the cut before adding it In

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jc1 View Post
    Thanks guys I've gt mast e going to wait a bit longer into the cut before adding it In
    Use test prop or sust. It helps during a cut by keeping water down

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    Low test p high tren best for cutting...bigger guys need more test...depends on how advanced you are has to be 100% clean along with sleep...goes a long way towards keeping water retention to a minium and fatloss going...
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    1g of total gear should be enough then? so 175mg Test P 700mg Tren A?

    I was thinking that also running a cut with an oral can help with hunger.
    For example: 175mg Test P 350mg Tren A 350 Anadrol 8in and out every 4 weeks)

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    dont go so high on tren.Use as per results.More isnt better.Same dosage dosent work for everyone depends on ur height weight and previous gear usage.
    high doses of gear will hold on to water more.
    Stick with anavar tbol combination for a cut drop the test few weeks out to get harder n drier.
    You can add another oral like for hardening up more like var tbol stana or halo.
    Up the AIs last few weeks.

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    Btw about holding water on too much gear that was true... i started cruising on 300mg Test E.
    And lost a lot of water, i would like to add Masteron E on my cruise ^^

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    test 300 mg
    tren 300 mg
    masteron 400mg

    Trow in some anavar/winstrol the last 4 weeks en drop the test to 150/200mg/week.

    Pretty simple AND effective.

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