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Thread: Cycle advice please - low dose ttm

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    Cycle advice please - low dose ttm

    Hi all. Just asking a question on behalf of a friend as i cant really comment for his situation and hoping one of you guys may be able to advise from experience.

    Basically he is mid 30s. Worksout 3 times a week. Around 18% body fat. No history of cycles other than trt at 300mg a wk for around 6 months. Hes wanting to cut up a lil more but as he is married and has kids along with naturally agressive and angry even without gear he doesnt really want anything thay can push that further and cause problems. Hes been ok on just test.

    I recommended that he try mon wed fri and sun injections.. 4 times a week equalling 400mg test prop and 200mg tren ace and mast prop . Reason for short esters is he is a guy who naturally holds water. And even if he plans on doing this for a year or 2 he shouldnt really have any sides at such a low dose and shouldnt really knock his bloods out but still be leaner and have a decent enough physique.

    What are peoples thoughts? Any other recommendations for him? From personal experience of high tren low test i find my tolerance to bull shit is lower so he doesnt want to try my higher doses.

    Cheers for any input in advance
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    I'm currently taking LEANGAIN, it's test prop 50mg, Tren ace 75mg and mast p 75mg. Total 200mg/ml. I'm doing 1ml EOD. Same thing you are suggesting but in a slightly different proportion. Also taking 25mg anavar 2 times a day. It's working great for me I've taken off 20lbs of fat and maintained all my lean mass all in about 6 weeks. Starting at 24.5% body fat down to 20% body fat now. I was also going to the gym 3 days a week and doing no cardio. Now I'm going 7 days, 6 days lifting and 7 days cardio and proper clean diet. This combination of gear works. Being your friend is 18% body fat he should be able to take off atleast 10lbs of fat rather quickly if he has a clean low calorie diet and concentrates on working cardio into his 3 days a week at the gym. Now for the down side...I'm much more angry and aggressive than I normally am, even at this low dosage. I'm guessing that it's more the Tren ace that's to blame for this. So doing the math I'm going to call EOD 3.5 injections per week x75mg Tren ace is about 262mg/week. That's really close to your 200mg/week, with twice as much test prop as the LEANGAIN/week. I think everyone is going to react differently to the gear. For me it's making me get upset and yell a lot, etc. This is just from my personal experience, I'm no expert. I hope this is somewhat helpful for you. I'd wait for some more replies to see what the pros say. Good luck.
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    Cheers for the reply. So your saying around 500 test and 250 of the tren and mast. Interesting post.. do you get more or less sides running higher test than tren? Or the other way round?

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    The whole thing is 700mg/week about 175 of the test and 262 of the Tren and mast. Again I'm calling EOD 3.5 injections/week. This is actually the first time I've run Tren and mast. I normally run test E and deca. At my current dosage of the LEANGAIN I'm not retaining water, I have good energy and sex drive. There is a fair amount of PIP I'm experiencing but I've had worse. I do sometimes have trouble sleeping and have been getting night sweats a few times a week. Then there's Tren cough, which I don't think I've had yet. Bottom line is the product works and it works well and fast. I don't personally want to be on it for an extended amount of time, just want to reach my goal and move on. Again I think everyone will react differently so I can just tell you what my reaction is.

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    Nice one mate. Sounds about right for what hes after. Will speak to him about it later

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    I found this post in the newbie forum, it has quite a bit of info on Tren for you. Here it is....Trenbolone - what is it? What does it do? Dosing?


    Trenbolone, was originally produced for livestock for adding more mass to the cattle.. its known that trenbolone was so strong during trial stages on cattle, that the meat became far too lean and unable to sell, so exogenous estrogen had to be injected in the cattle to fatten them up.

    This shows the true power of trenbolone, and if you not already convinced then it looks better on paper being 5 times more anabolic and androgenic than testosterone.

    Trenbolone will increase:

    * IGF-1- Insulin Like Growth Factor 1 is key in increasing metabolism, anabolism and protein synthesis.

    * Nitrogen retention - Trenbolone, like most other steroids, increases Nitrogen retention within the body and thus increases protein synthesis; however, Trenbolone does this to a greater degree than most other commercially available steroids.

    * Decreased Stress Hormone Release: Trenbolone effectively inhibits the release of glucocorticoid steroids. This means less fat and more muscle.

    * Dry and hard appearance - No Aromatization: Trenbolone presents no Estrogenic Activity.

    * Nutrient partitioning - essentially the manipulation of the macronutrient (carbohydrate, fat and protein) content of diet in order to help achieve fitness goals, allowing you to shuttle nutrients more efficiently to where you need them when you need them.

    While decreasing fat because of these important characteristics of trenbolone it quickly became just as popular for bodybuilding as it was for livestock. It hit the stages in the golden age of bodybuilding and came in the form of finaplix pellets and then finaject and parabolan vials. It was used mostly for producing a lean, strong, dry and hard physique.


    Trenbolone is hard to be paired up with any other hormone its a very powerful and individual, unique among all other steroids but you will see characteristic similarities in primo mast and sdrol, and the combination of all of them would be a very nice combination if i do say so myself.


    Trenbolone will sometimes be used by bodybuilders during the offseason or a mass phase usually in lower doses (50mg-100mg max ed) to maintain tightness and the dry look, with the added benefits of strength increase and the main points highlighted in number 1.

    For most, trenbolone is used to bring detail and hardness to a physique, for the average chap and gym rat it will be used anywhere from 50mg to the higher end of 100mg ed, this will produce a very pleasing looking over time with the correct diet and training, and you can easily get to the minimal body fat levels with this dose.

    The more advance bodybuilder or the guy in the gym that sticks out like a sore thumb from overall density, dryness and impressively low bodyfat.. will be exceeding the 100mg mark closer to 150mg ed to achieve the next level amateaur level look.

    During a prep phase its very common to see professional bodybuilders being between 200- 300mg ed and even more, which is hard to even wrap your head around BUT you always have to bare in mind, professional athletes have the pharma grade growth hormone, insulin, 1000’s of mg of aas and the mass to make every part of the protocol successful.. first and foremost, its there job.


    Possibly the reason people stay away from trenbolone so long before starting their first blast is due to the side effects, though it does not aromatise it does however it does increase progestin levels which will increase the risk of gynecomastia if not controlled with an aromatase inhibitor and or prolactin support.

    Typical steroid side effects, increased risk to those predisposed to male pattern baldness. acne, high blood pressure.. again both can be controlled and those who are predisposed will be more at risk.

    Here is where it gets interesting:

    * Excess Sweating - trenbolone will rapidly increase your body temperature when digesting a carbohydrate heavy meal, its effects on increasing your metabolism will hugely increase the thermic response your body has to carbohydrates.

    * Night Sweats - if you're planning on running tren i hope you have a large bed, because you’ll need the other side to roll onto when your body is sticking to all your sheets and you wake up in a puddle.

    * Anxiety and insomnia - both anxiety and insomnia if experienced can usually be combated by supplementing cabergoline or any dopamine agonist in your hormone protocol.. this will usually eliminate all mental sides.

    * Loss of Libido and erectile dysfunction: can occur if you experience high progestin, can be combated with the right AI’s and prolactin support.

    By far the most issue’s found with trean are the mental side’s. You may become short tempered, aggressive, disconnected from loved ones, fatigued in general and in short a bit of a twat. Being a side effect, some people get this and some don't.


    Trenbolone is a great drug and its useful and has a place in anyones prep or protocol to stay lean but does look more magical than it actually is on paper, people will try to disregard diet because they have trend in there blood.. using tren get out of jail free card, and you will need the help of other hormones, a balanced diet and training programme in order to reach minimal body fat if this is your goal.

    Its a very flexible drug but use it wisely, especially if you already have an aggressive nature and have kids around or a job that requires a very cool head, you should consider being very conservative if you have never tried it before and are in these positions.. being conservative in general for your first time using tren is key to understanding your tolerance.

    Opt for tren ace before using tren enanthate, if you are on tren e for the first time and you can't handle the side’s it will take longer to come out of the system were as tren will start clearing your system in around 24 hours.

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    That was originally posted by MR BIG, he deserves the credit for that one...I just cut and pasted it. I actually learned a lot from reading it myself.

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    Just a heads up.. my friend has bought the lean gain and doin as you suggested. 1ml eod so some wks 3 injections and some 4.

    Will keep you updated on progress / sides

    Nice low dose 175mg test and 262mg tren and mast


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    After about 6 weeks on this he was thinking about adding an oral in like anavar at 50mg a day.. but we have just seen lean bomb 100mg .. would this be better for his lean gains at 1 tab a day preworkout for 50 days? Not sure of its contents but im guessin var winny tbol? Anyone got experience of it?

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