Has anyone here used this product?

I am currently coaching my friend who is making unreal gains using gh15's teachings on just half an amp of real organon sustanon 250 e2-3 days (he has been on for a total of 6 weeks.now iirc) and is 2 out of 3 weeks into 10-20 mg sd (wk 1 was 10 mg now 20 mg)

He is eating at maint cala has put on 6 kg while losing 1.5% bf
He is 188 cm tall 90 kg 10% by dxa scan rebuilding his muscle he lost from his Dr mispercribing him adhd.meds

I got him some MTS tren ace and mast prop as well as testolics test prop
He will be running 25 mg ED test prop 50 mg ed tren ace for 12 weeks and adding in 50 mg ED mast prop for final 6 weeks with maybe 25 mg mts halo for the last 3weeks where he should be around 8% bf with much.more.lbm

The motivation to use halotestin deapute criticism on gh15 is that if you have used real halo youd know that it is a wonderdrug at 10% or.lesa... You jist look godlike end.of. I want him to have photos ad memories of looking highly conditioned and amazing to motivate him if he feela down about being bloofy lol so he can think "It is worth it I will look just like that again but muchhhh bigger!"

After this we plan to bulk him on a 300-600 cal surplus to 12% bf over around 20 weeks
wks 1-20 will be either 250 mg e3d mts test enth or norma enth or testex cyp with 250 mg.nmaxe3d or 500 mg organon deca durabolin e6d MTS dianabol and oxy combo 3-4on 30 mg dbol 50 mg oxy at around week 10to 14 for motivational reasona so he blows up gets amazing pumps etc

Then I was thinkong for the final 6 weeks adding in 200 mg tren hex e3d because at this point I am worried he will be thinking "omg I look bloofy my face is round why am.I doing this?" and the trwn will undo that... Aadly it might take some thickness with it but oh well

Goal ia to get hin THICKER wider bigger add slabs of muscle tissue then get him o.n a cruise for however long it takes for bloods.to be healthy again

is tren hex a good addition tohis cycle for the last 6 wks? Again we want thickness fullneas width not conditioning

Any feedback.on this product?