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Thread: 10ml and tablet stealth

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    10ml and tablet stealth

    So not too long ago I asked Mr Big if it were possible for me to get stealth items in smaller quantities because I didn't quite like the larger bottles (I'll get into that) and faster turnaround times.

    Awhile back, I wrote about the 30ml stealth bottles and I had some sort of love-hate relationship with it. I loved how ingenious the packaging was. It was discreet and clever in that you'd never expect it to contain steroids, but at the same time you'd still be able to tell your Test from Deca through an idiot-proof formula that didn't require DECA300 to be stamped across the bottle. But with larger bottles, there came another problem. The last bits of oil were always an issue for me to get out. Even up till now, I have a bottle of Deca sitting somewhere from last year I refuse to throw away (OCD's a bitch) because there's that little bit of oil left inside that I can't get out and it'll be such a waste to throw it down the chute. Admittedly, I'm a pretty clumsy guy so maybe some of you guys might not have the same problem, but it was still quite a significant issue to me.

    The 10ml stealth vials are, in itself, 10ml vials. They're just cleverly disguised in a way that you wouldn't really think they're vials, even though they function in exactly the same way. It also makes drawing oil out much easier, and I can actually accurately gauge how much I have left. The last bits aren't an issue anymore either.

    I also wanted to (re-)sell some stuff to the folks at my gym, and guys who've purchased the larger stealth bottles should know what kind of problem I'm looking at. I couldn't possibly pass a 30ml stealth bottle to some random Joe and say "hey, this is actually really good Tren". I might as well get a bottle of olive oil from down the street and peddle that because I'd probably have better luck that way.

    With the 10ml vials, there's a way to "un-stealth" it, which was another perk for me. It made it so much easier to sort my drawer as well.

    Personally, I'd always go for 10ml stealth over the larger bottles.

    As far as oral tablets are concerned, I emailed Mr Big about a friend needing some Anadrol quite urgently for a show. I asked if he had any MTS orals he could send out from the stealth side because of the fast(er) delivery times. We were just under 3 weeks out and conventional delivery would mean my items would probably arrive right when the show ended. His reply was that he didn't have MTS orals, but he did have British Dispensary Androlics he could send out. I'm a huge fan of Thai orals, blue hearts and all that, so it was a blessing for me. Mr Big offered to send the tablets via specialised stealth and it turned out amazing.

    All I can say is that the way the tablets were done, they looked more like general supplements/medicine you'd keep in handy that you can get off Wal-Mart. As far as reliability is concerned, my friend brought it into a military base passing it off as OTC indigestion pills so I think that says a lot.

    I guess at the end of the day, I'm just really impressed. I thought the larger stealth packages were good and couldn't be topped, but this brings things to a new level. Maybe it's a personal tick but I just like how actual glass vials feel better in my hands comparatively.
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    I personally have had no problem getting 99% of the oil out of the stealth container but I know what you mean. I also transfer the oil into vials that I buy from ebay.

    Agreed that MTS do great work, I'm gonna grab some of the new stealth orals soon.

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