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Thread: Lean bomb (50 tabs / 100mg)

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    almost went through a bottle of it and seen some results in vascularity. Little leaner but have also dialed in the diet better. Hard to say because I was on trestolone a couple weeks ago and it bloated me like you wouldn't believe, so working that off. Had blood work done and cortisol was high and estrogen was way up even using arimidex. I just switch to armomasin and added Dostinex and been off trestolone about 2 weeks. So I'm also working against high estrogen levels.

    So I cant really say with the lean bomb, definitely didn't help with keeping any bloat off and didn't really see any dramatic leaning out help. Its so hard to say or regulate when you don't know whats in it but I took a chance. I did 1 tab a day for 3 weeks and then went to 1.5 tabs a and up to 2 a day. Ill keep it going and we'll see if its worth passing on good review or chalk it up to , "I tried it and and it wasn't for me or I tried it and it ended up a good product for me".

    honestly it makes me feel just like when I've used methyl tren in the past . Very lethargic . I could sleep all day a couple weeks into methyl tren and that's how I feel now

    also can compare it to a very light dose of DNP. Ive tried that once and not for me. But I have the same lethargic feeling I had on DNP after about 2 weeks on it. And like tonight after training had my usual post whey shake and sweet potatoe. Seems after I have some carbs I heat up and start to sweat a little. Nothing like full dose of methyl tren or DNP but comparable. The lethargic feeling is about the worse right now.

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    Any more updates on how people are getting on with the product?
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    I just started with one tab. Will report back how my body & weight changes. Diet will stay the same.

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    Dropped it down to 1/2 tab since last post and lethargic feeling has improved dramatically

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    I have one question regarding the tabs.
    Is is better to take them with food or on an empty stomach?

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    I guess with food especially high in fat for better absoprtion.
    Taking on an empty stomach could also lead to stomach irritation.

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    didn't make a difference for me either way. Only thing I started to notice is would get hot and sweat if ate carbs

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    Have these already got epistane in them?

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    Always chew pills, and eat grapefruits when running orals, they help a lot on absorption!

    Leanbomb imho doesn't have epistane, it should be something like Tbol, Anavar, Winstrol, PrimoA, maybe also Anadrol since stacked with Winstrol can give dry gains.

    Btw try Test Tren Epistane! You will love it!

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    Hey, i will started about 2 weeks with 1 tables a day and stacked with Test E (600 mg/wk) en Tren E(200 mg/wk).
    I hope i will grow

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    Can you take these while using HYGETROPIN Growth Hormone? Cheers guys!

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