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Thread: Binge eating disorder

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    Binge eating disorder

    Anyone here suffer from this? I picked this curse up after I crash dieted for 10 my waist from 38 inches down to 29 inches starving myself lean blasting hormones. Was doing 90 mins intense resistance training with 5-8 miles walking a day with 90 mins swimming per day on only 2200-2600 kcal a day. Was absolute hell. Started hallucinating and everything around week 8 to which point I had a panic attack and went and ate 1400 or something calories of haribos. Stuoidly instead of sensibly stopping and going to maint kcal dropping exercise I went and cut calories even lower and upped training to compensate for it until xmas happened them BAM. Fuck me sideways. Ate 15,000 or so kcal on xmas literally blacked out went unresponsive when I was eating according to my family. Don't even remember most the day or the following days.

    For the past month I have been ravenouwly hungry ALL the time...keep going into these dazed states whn I eat food wnd I lose complete control when I wtart eating
    Has got tl the point where I have to buy my day's worth of food then have to give my debit card and cash to parents because I was blacking out and eating my entire fridge. I even woke up out of this dazed state eating broccoli stems and carrot peels out of my fucking bin...I even woke up eating skin of my foot. I am being 100% serious.

    I hardly have any recollection of whenever I have eaten over the past few weeks. Just black out wake up and time has passed and tonnes of food is gone.

    Apparently this can be triggered after peroids of semi starvation paired with overexercise. Look up the minisota starvation expperiment. Anyways, basically my brain is now rewired according to a Dr I spoke to and I can never eat calorie dense food again like junk because it will trigger off these binge episodes. Amazing what the body will do to go and regain what it has lost.

    Has anyone else suffered from anything similar-ish after a harsh prep?

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    Still ravenously hungry all the time despite sensible diet and good food...eating tonnes of fibrous vegetables...higher fat moderate protein low carb...still every thought is about food

    It is fucking horrible

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    I know the binge eating feels man. I am literally insatiable, I can be full to the point that my stomach hurts and I'm going to throw up and I still won't be satisfied, I have no problems at all eating 2000+ calories in a single meal. We just have to try our best to not give in to the cravings.

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    Dude I can eat well over 5000 in a sitting without trying right now on clean food nk sweat.

    Like seriously I went through 300 g dry weight brown rice 1 Kg of chicken breast and 1 Kg kf raw carrot s before I had to force myself to stop saity point at all. None.

    Never have been like this. I usednto have to work AT eating. I used to have to legitimately try to eat large meals. I mean I had to truly work at estjng 100 g oats now that is a snack and 300 g oats barely really makes the sides

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    Literally NO volume of food makes me feel saitiated at ALL.

    I used tk be able to diet super duper easy...never got cravings. Never could est more than 700 kcsl in a sitting. Always been a small eater. Even calorie dense food like pizza I would struggle with.

    This is a total reverse kf my esting habits. Never thought about food before..I had to work at eating. I had to force feed even maint kcal some days let alone a bulk. Now NOTHING makes me full. All thoughts are about food...every single one.


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    This is a total curse. Just ravenously starving hungry all the fucking time. I don't believe this...I had to put serious effort into eating before this. Food was really annoying actually...I didn't even like eating. I would be like "oh for fuck sake time to eat again" now it is just constant food cravings wnd hunger for whatever. I literally drempt of having a gigantic 500 g feast of oats last night wjth tonnes of berries and stuff mixed in.

    Does this ever end? Is this some horrible starvation mode or something?

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    What's your test dose PT? How about EQ?

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    I think powertard is taking a dopamine antagonist drug which is causing him to have compulsive behaviors. Usually these compulsive behavior are from things that the person struggled with in the past.
    Powertard, what meds are you currently on for your medical issues?

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    Just on 150 mg a week test e
    Came off 900 mg w eq nearly 2 mos ago now

    No dopamine antagonist only fluoxetine

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