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Thread: Fucked up please help me

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    Fucked up please help me


    So basically as some know I really abused my body and basically broke it.

    Cervical spine degeneration, lumbar spine degeneration, L5 disc damage, both si joints are damaged, supraspinatus tendons have tears, bicep long heads are damaged.

    Needless to say I am sadly retired from powerlifting. It broke my heart.

    So basically...I really fucked up recently. I dropped a TONNE of weight very fast and really wrecked my metabolism. Went cold depressed, sex drive went to nothjng etc. I then binged on a tonne of food and put it all back on again.

    I really am in need of someone to help me with my current diet and situation who is experienced. Really in over my head here and I don't know what to do.

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    mate you seem to be having a lot of problems these last few months. I really feel for you. If I were you I would go and speak to a medical professional about all this, and drop the gear and so on for a while and focus on getting mentally and physically healthy. all the best man.

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    My situation is a little bit similar to yours.
    I'm almost 56 and in the iron game since 1981.
    In 2012 I have had two surgeries of my left shoulder,one arthroscopic and then,because it did not help
    one open surgery four month later.The cause was an impingment and different other problems.
    After 8 month I could get back to work and to train again,but the shoulder has never been pain free since then.

    Next came in January 2015,while doing front squats my right supraspinatus tendon ripped from the bone.
    They mounted it back in February and the rehab went very well.Could get back to workout in May.I had lost again around 10 kilos.
    Then,in August 2015 I could not move my right leg,especially my calf was not under my control anymore.
    I have to mention that a stenosis of my spinal canal has been diagnosted two years ago,because of permanent
    back pain and some kind of lightnings that went done to my feet and knocked me sometimes of.
    I had a decompression surgery in September 2015 and since then I have permanent pain in my os sacrum.
    Went through different treatments but nothing helped so far.
    I'm awaiting another three weeks stay in hospital in March.Some kind of new therapy that is supposed to help,if god wills.
    I'm out of work for almost half a year now and I can hardly train.

    But,and that is the point,I do workout when ever I can stand the pain.
    And I do all excercises that are somehow manageable.
    I'm monitoring my food intake daily.

    We are men,we are athletes.Stand up,go out,workout what ever is possible.
    Weakness is not our thing,you know.
    It is easy to be strong when everything is good.
    What kind of man,what kind of athlete you are shows now that you have to face
    Just like Arnold said: The most important thing in Bodybuilding is discipline.
    I would say,it is the most important thing in live.
    And that is also the most important thing that teached me this sport.

    I got to say that I will have to face another surgery of my left shoulder,the third on that shoulder.
    The long biceps tendon shall be relocated.They say,it is not sitting in his sulcus and that causes the pain.
    But at first,I have to fix my spine.

    Where there is a will,there is a way.

    Stand up and fight or wallow in self-pitty.
    Your choice.
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    I have been monitoring food intake daily, doing bodyweight exercises and doing cardio. Tried to do squats but lower back was shot within a few sets of just 100 Kg. Did benching with light weight. Been doing a lot of walking as well as low impact cardio and swimming.

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    Okay then.
    What is your problem anyway?
    You will not getting younger,your joints won't fully recover.
    Accept that.Don't complain.
    Growing old is not for sissys.

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    Regarding your mood, sex drive, weight loss etc if it is still happening I would go get a blood test of hormones (test, estrogen, etc) from your doctor.

    Obviously if youve just stopped steroids youre going to have 0 testosterone in your system. I advise you take 1 20mg tamoxifen tablet a day for 6 weeks which will help you produce it naturally. Also, as a kick start use HCG. do 1500iu (one injection) every 5 days. A pack usually has 3 injections. This helped me greatly when I came off juice as I was depressed etc etc and it managed to kick start my hpta (to a low level, but i was not depressed and didnt suffer weight loss since). You WILL lose weight when you come off steroids both water and muscle. People who say cycling is the way to go are just on a bandwagon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Powertard View Post
    I am only 19
    Oh,my fault.
    From your pictures I estimated you are at least in your middle thirties.

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