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Thread: Tren,Super Tren,Deca Short Cycle results

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    Tren,Super Tren,Deca Short Cycle results

    Started recomp cycle of Tren E 400mg/week and Deca 300mg/week on 11 january
    used very low calorie diet(around 1500cals mostly from protein) for the first 3 weeks (lost weight from 100kg to 94kg)
    training was short with heavy weights (weights did increase with almost each training session,despite low cals)
    on february started Super Tren 400mg/W with Deca 300/W
    diet changed for plenty of carbs and lean protein,doubled caloric intake-appetite through the roof trying to keep dietetary fat as low as possible
    Glycogen supercompensation felt great
    training changed to higher volume..

    Feel really good on this cycle,no sides from tren,deca was great for my joints-deadlifting 200kg
    and benchpressing 150kg without any pain, day and night difference compared to
    trt of test only where sometimes my shoulders felt like made of glass.
    I used 125mg of test with 20mg proviron throughout the cycle

    Thanks MedTech for good stuff,will order again for sure

    Pics between 11.01 and 04.02
    Tren,Super Tren,Deca Short Cycle results-med-combine_images2-jpg

    Pic taken on 13.02
    Tren,Super Tren,Deca Short Cycle results-md20160213_162859-jpg

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    I some how missed this.... good work.

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    sorry for low picture quality,my phone camera is crap
    the last photo is after training and my hand is slightly shaking,so its even more blurry:/

    Supercompensation felt great on super tren,
    i think Methyl Trienolone kept me extra tight, no water retention despite big calorie surplus for days

    Now i want find time for a good bulk,
    Im making new order, maybe ill post some progress/review soon

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    For how many weeks did you use Mehtyltrienolone? how many mgs day?

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