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Thread: Cycle for cycling

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    Cycle for cycling

    Okay so basically whole body is injured to fuck nowadays and cannot powerlift

    Doing endurance cycling for a while to see if Injuries can heal enough to return....but I am doubtful. Currently on hrt 125 mg a week test e.

    Currently cutting slowly while biking 25k per day to start off and doinf 15 mins hiit. Want to eventually get to 50 k in a few weeks or so.

    If I can get good st this I might try a light cycle just to see what endurance effects steroids have as a fun experience then go back to hrt long term

    Was thinking of bumping test to 200 mg a week addjng 25 mg to 50 mg a day anadrol and 10-20 mg halotestin for 3 weeks. This combo is apparently supposed to be a favourite of endurance athletes for peaking performance.

    Then back to 125 mg w test e
    This is still a long way away though, a solid 6 months at least as I get my health back together.

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    maybe stay on the trt dose for the next few months mate, the last 100 posts of yours on this forum have just been you consistently fucking yourself up. I'm genuinely worried for your health and wellbeing, you're very young and have had severe mental and physical health issues from all this shit - and you want to take halo and anadrol to ride a fucking bicycle? just stick to low dose test if anything.

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    to be clear I love MTS products and swear by them, but Powertard clearly has mental health issues surrounding his drug usage. I'm just looking out for him, he clearly needs that in his life.

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    I think you should take some time off physical activity and let your body heal, I have been following you for a while now and you just keep fucking yourself up and not giving your body the break it needs to heal.

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    I agree. Why use halo when it's one of the most noted aas to cause mental sides let alone over exerting yourself while injured. Anadrol would probably give leg pumps from hell. I get enough pump from test 200, deca 300 per week. Throw drol in and you won't be cycling unless it's extremely low doses which won't benefit your hematocrit so no endurance benefit. Honestly low dose test and low deca. Deca increases hematocrit as well so it'd benefit your o2 capacity.

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    Yeah you guys are

    I think I need tl give it a break

    This was stupid to even consider

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    Sounds like you rely more on the drugs

    I suggest the same as everyone else chill out and recover till your back to a 100%

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