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Thread: Epistane

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    Good product. First time in 20 years taking a pro hormone as I always thought these products did nothing. But I have loved this product from MT product has delivered and everything said about this product is true.

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    What dose did you run? what results did you get from it?

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    I ran Epistane too, only for bulking and it was the craziest shit ever. Gained lean muscle, got the best pumps, vascularity and libido was insane. You almost get no physical sides, only mental ones. For me, I couldn't fall asleep, got sweats and nightmares, but its worth it. You're pumped 24/7 and I ran 45mg ED. Highly recommended.

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    did 30mg for 20days then up it to 45mg last 10 days was going to run it for 6 weeks but my eating was suffering could have been a little strain on the liver. They recommend only 30 day cycles anyway. Next time I run it I will just go with 60mg for 30 days. I feel this product would be better hit hard and for short cycles of 30days. Other then that I still got a lot from my cycle and I was on the start of my cut so calories lower then normal but lost fat looked fuller

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    i would not call it a prohormone, its methylated steroid like any other traditional AAS.
    Epi feels similar to Anavar. Solo i like it better but with Test i prefer oxandrolone

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    I always get stomach pain and heartburn from dbol and anadrol. Any know if epistane give stomach pain??

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    I did not get any

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    Is it true that epi won't be restocked anymore?

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    Quote Originally Posted by patd8686 View Post
    Is it true that epi won't be restocked anymore?

    Back in stock. The dispatcher got more in.

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    Im glad you guys are keeping it stocked... I always these ph's were garbage. . Actually epi is a designer steroid.. I did it once a few months ago and liked it.. Its one of the only orals i plan on running anymore.. Some Var or tbol being the others...

    You guys are the place that ive seen that carries epi... Everyone has SD, noone else has epi

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