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Thread: lean mass cycle

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    lean mass cycle

    Hi guys, my english is a lil' bit fucked up I'm not from the UK.
    I actually ran 600mg Drosta/300mg T a week.
    It's for a cut until May, then I would like to gain some lean mass, had a cycle idea:
    1g EQ
    800mg Drosta
    600mg T
    A week.
    Actually I'm 1,80m and at 108kg with 14% bodyfat.
    I'm not a Bodybuilder I'm a Powerlifter to.
    My highest total was about 835kg in the -110kg class.
    Had 215 Bench/300 squat/ 320 deadlift.
    But I look more like a Bodybuilder, not like a fat lifter.

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    Way to much drosta, I know in the middle east they love their masteron but it is NOT a mass builder. Eq dose is good, given your status I would maybe up the test and if you want to keep a little dry and hard sure add some masteron, maybe 300-400mg a week though, not 800mg that is crazy.

    What orals are you thinking of running?

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    Your right I love drosta. 800mg is a heavy dosage, but it's good for recovery. I train 6 times per week, had my best cycle with 800mg drosta/800mg test/400mg deca.
    Orals I take 5 to 6 week before competition. 100mg dbols ed, would start in August there's a meet in Septembre and I think I can reach a 900 total in the -110 class.

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    I wouldn't be taking the masteron. won't help for your goals as much as you think.

    I would be doing

    1000mg EQ
    600mg deca
    1500mg test
    100mg anadrol
    + AI
    + HGH

    For the comp
    + TEST
    + TREN
    + HALO

    If you must take masteron for cosmetics, then 3-400mg max.

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    I wouldn't even touch masteron since i have lost some of my temples already but here is a good post about it

    BIG_O on masteron, march 4, 2011

    The biggest misconception about Masteron is that your body fat needs to be low in order to run it and get the benefits from it. About 10 years or so ago some dipshit wrote about Masteron and said this and thru the years everybody believes this to be gospel just as your dosage should only ever be 300-400 mgs per week.

    If only we can go back in time and shoot the fucker more bros would have taken my advice over the years and listened to me.

    Masteron is without a doubt my favorite compound. I've ran it year round, up as high as 1.5 grams and saved many of bros from gynecomastia just having it handy. I use to moderate this board about 10 years ago and people got so sick of me talking about Masteron at times I thought I'd be shot. Lol.

    First to the fat loss. Masteron is a potent androgen and pound for pound I like it better than tren for a multitude of reasons. First many people have problems sleeping on a gram of tren. Take a gram of Mast. You'll sleep like a baby. At a gram of Masteron or higher you'll think you are on dnp. You can thank Masterons high affinity to bind to the hypothalamus for this. Temp is slightly elevated, metabolic rate is thru the roof and you'll sweat like crazy.

    Secondly Masteron is a powerful estrogen controller. That's why people over the years buy into this shit with your body fat needs to be low in order to see results. Actually you'll see more results when you have more body fat and are holding water. You'll drop that water like crazy.

    Case in point, once I had a bro whine and bitch about no anti estrogen being able to help him with bloat on high dose test. Finally he took my advice and we added 600 mgs a week of Masteron. He said it was the most shocking thing he's ever seen. No bloat whatsoever and he posted pics to prove it. It really will help out in relation to estrogen and water retention control thru a couple of different mechanisms of action.

    Also good luck getting gynecomastia while on Masteron. It ain't happening. I recommend people keep the di-propionate version around just for this purpose. I have numerous people thank me over the years for this one. 500 mgs a week of Mast or so and you'll be surprised at how powerful it is. Should be a no brainer considering Masteron was developed for breast cancer. Hence the trade name Mast....etc.

    Masteron at high doses is relatively safe. The FDA's and oncologists dosing protocol in relation to it's therapeutic benefits would surprise you. 100 plus mgs a day is safe and has been studied quite extensively.

    Now of course Masteron like all androgens has side effects but all in all very mild. 2% ketoconazole shampoo ,saw palmetto and some good salicylic acid body wash is all I have ever needed to counteract the sides all the way up to my whopping 1500 mgs of Masteron per week.

    I hope you add the Mast bro. It's a mistake to wait. These are my .02 in relation to one if the most misunderstood compounds of all time. I recommend Masteron all the time for a variety of situations.

    P.S. I'm on a gram right now. Fuck I feel and look good. Hope this helps.

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    Masteron is the best roid for me. I love it, godlike. Now I'm waiting for my EQ then I will run my cycle. Hope the shipping is fast I can't wait so long.
    If I take much Masteron I destroy the gym I feel like the baddest motherfucker in town. Heavy weights, yeah I love it and every morning I look a lil' bit harder.
    It's amazing, the power is never ending.

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    What dose have you ran or running?

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    Actually 600mg week.
    Together with 350mg Test.

    Last year I ran 800mg Mast,800mg Test, 400mg Deca e5d.

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