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    It's more than 2 years that i struggle with diet...

    2 months ago i have started a cutting cycle with Test NPP and TrenA (175,350,350), a week ago i finished my NPP so i decided to up the Tren to 700, have no sides at all..

    The problem is that..

    When i started i was 182cm 85kg and was at 15% bf (what my scale was saying), i was eating mainly proteins something like 100g carbs (oats, rice cakes) 350g prot (chicken breast) 100g fats (olive oil, sunflower oil, dressings, nuts).
    At the gym i was talking with a friend that he told me to stop eating so much proteins and to raise carbs and lower fats, so i started with 300g carbs 200g prots 50g fats.
    The scale raised from 85 to 95 in 1 month... and tbh i'm fuller but have also more water here and there.

    A lot of people told me that i have to loose fat, but i'm not fat at all, i have a lot of water retenction.
    I tried also a DNP cycle of 2 seeks at 250mg and lost 2kg, had no binges in this time....

    So what do you think that my problem is? Should i lower cals? I train also 4/5 times a week 1h intense, no cardio.
    My plan is to go down to 7% bf then grow lean... but scale isn't moving... and i still hold a lot of water.

    What do you think i can try for diet? Should i eat much less cals?

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    Ok firstly.. Are you sure you're calculating calories correctly? Secondly, calories are to high for your stats. Thirdly throw some cardio in a couple times per week. Fourthly, try some clen, eca, t3/t4 (not DNP that's poison). Fifth, lower carbs are best for losing weight imo, keeping your insulin levels down stops you from storing excess energy as fat and ketosis is very very good for fat loss.

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    So 2500 cals are too much for me? ok... hungry is very hard to sustain... but ok.

    I'll try to diet at 1900 cals 50g carbs (during WO with 25g bcaa) 305g prots (chicken breast) 50g fats (3 omega3 pills every lunch and some olive oil)

    I'll add also 50cg T3, 40mg clen, eca before WO.

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