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Thread: Is hgh useful for cutting as well as bulking?

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    extrem Fat Burning on HGH is Myth.. but HGH have many other Benefits to help you in a Cutting Cycle or Diet.

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    i would disagree..with the right dosage/protocol and the quality of gh the fat burning can be extreme

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    Studies do show via a certain pathway that anymore than 2iu fasted will not cause an increase in lipolysis, so my advice would be to take some in the morning do your morning cardio, eat mid afternoon and then fast again and take another 2iu, if you dont want to do that 2iu is enough.

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    Add also 25mcg T3 10mg Yohimbine HCL and 1 pill EC or Clenbuterol to your AM protocol before CARDIO.... you will love the fat burning!

    Let's say... you will become a FURNACE!

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