Hi! Want to share my experience since now and the propose.

I started my first BLAST on January 2016
My stats: 34y old 182cm 92kg 15%bf (water retention is my main issue)
My BLAST: TestoP,TrenA,NPP,Proviron (175 350 350 350), 1 adex a week

After 4 weeks in gyno come up (it wasn't from prolactin was on 1 Jumex (EOD)), so i started my Liquid Femara and stopped Adex.
Well, after 1 month i have noticed that my Femara was a bunk, i was at 2,5mg ed and my gyno wasn't regressing at all, little, invisible, but still there.
I should had an E2 crash, joint aches, etc etc nothing, i was bloated, with ankles swelling, all high E2 synthomps.

I had the idea to switch NPP for Masteron, and thx god that stopped gyno from flaring!
Ofc before starting my BLAST had my blood tests done, everything was fine... but where i live it's hard to do regular blood tests, and they cost 260€ (t3,t4,e2,dht,etc) and more.

So i was thinking... can't i just stick on a scheme? 8 weeks BLAST 4 weeks CRUISE?
For example:

CRUISE: 2x150mg Test E ew, 2ui HGH (pharma grade)
BLAST: TestoP,TrenA,NPP,Proviron (or whatever) only short esters. (1g total)

That way my body shouldn't be stressed too much.. and ofc, i will never push my body to the top, but i'm not a competitor, i want a beautiful ripped physique all year long.