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Thread: 1st place thanks to Medtech

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    1st place thanks to Medtech-image-jpg1st place thanks to Medtech-image-jpg1st place thanks to Medtech-image-jpg
    Appreciate all the kind words, glad to be part of the MTS team!

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    Impressive bud, tri's are sick in particular!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kippp View Post
    weighed in at 164
    height 5ft 5in
    i was behind on contest prep due to not having everything i needed until med-tech hooked me up with fast shipping and quality (a+)products
    tren a - 200mg ed (would normally work my way up to this but since i was behind, i went straight to this) night sweats like crazy
    medtropin - 3ius daily then switched to jintropin at 3ius daily
    t3 - 50 mcg daily, split into two doses (taken with coffee/caffeine, and primatene (otc pill) which has ephedrine
    clen - 80mcg (ed for 5 days)2days off
    test prop - 100 ed until 2 weeks out then eod
    anavar - 25mg daily
    stanabol - 20mg (ed)
    medtech have a customer for life...great customer service and again quality products. If there is any doubt about there products, just look at my pics to see my results from using their products. Will post after contest pics as well.

    Thanks mr big!
    great news..we need more guys like you!!...not so much to blow your trumpet about how great we are but actually competing and seeing how they have altered your physique.
    Where you based buddy!?


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    Based-USA, Maryland
    Post comp pic and vid. Getting some insane pumps!1st place thanks to Medtech-image-jpg1st place thanks to Medtech-image-jpg

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    Awesome work buddy 🙌🏻🙌🏻👍👍

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