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    Wink bulking

    Hi boss im few weeks out from my competition, afterwards i have a 9 month off season before i go to compete in the ifbb europeans or arnold classic in mens physique and i was wondering if you could help me with an off season plan to put on as much size as possible in this time, money isnt an issue so i can run hgh etc and will be starting from such a lean base due to post comp any help is greatly appreciated guys

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    No body can build a specialised bulk cycle without knowing your stats and history.

    Rules are to stick to basic compounds and eat.

    * TEST E
    * DECA
    * HGH
    * DBOL

    Those are the only compounds I would use and they work. It will just come down to a dosage according to your history and body stats.

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    Trenbolone isn't good for bulking?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaxino View Post
    Trenbolone isn't good for bulking?
    Nope, i went thru 12 bottles and didn't gain shit but a bad ass attitude

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    And what would he best protocol and dosing for hgh and slin on a bulk 😊

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    Depends on your stats and how much you've had to use in the past. Good starting point is 4iu hgh (split am/pm) and 10-15iu of log or rapid post workout. Adding more hgh as you can afford it and adding more slin by adding to meals throughout the day, imo most important times for slin in order are post-workout, first meal, pre-workout, other meals (assuming you workout in the afternoon).

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    I've run hgh before but this would be first time with slin at 4iu a day should I just stick to one slin post workout for the time being until I can afford more gh?

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    Have you ran slin before? If not just start off with post workout then after a cycle or two of slin start to incorporate pre workout and morning shots. Building up to every meal if you like.

    What slin are you using? And how many iu are you takin per shot?

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    ive never ran slin before no, was going to run a fast acting slin such as humalog 10/15iu post workout for 1st cycle,then start adding shots in next cycle as u suggested, is this dose to much or to little for first cycle?

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    10-15iu is perfect mate, just make sure you start eating straight after your humalog shot and get a good mix of high gi and low gi carbs. When I was doing post workout only shots I ate a large bowl of cereal and then my usual meal of chicken and rice and then a pop tart or two a little bit after, I worked my way up to 20iu shots post workout but I think the sweet spot would be about 15iu as I had to cram down a lot of carbs in a short period for 20iu.

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