Well I started my pct after coming off a 12week ostarine cycle at 25mg a day and also ran var at 50mg per day for 4 weeks into the osta cycle. Goal was to gain some lean muscle and loose fat with a small strength increase and it done that really well. I was totally shut down by the end of my cycle and had no sex drive no morning wood or anything. I did look good so that's something !
Started using some pct+ at 1 tablet a day and obviously it has a very good doseage of cialis in there as I was a walking hard on.... I reduced it to 1/2 a tablet and founding got less cialis side effects which was way better for me. A few weeks in and my boys have increased towards there normal size and I wake up with morning wood like a teenager again. These do work well but I wish the cialis doseage was more of adapt dose like 5-10mg as it builds in your system day after day so u need much less. All in all I'm very happy as it does exactly what it should