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Thread: RESTART FROM SCRATCH: want to start CRUISE and BLAST

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    I'll use LEAN GAINS then 1ml ED is 350 525 525 with 4IU HGH 75mcg T3 ed 100mcg T4 ed, i'll push CLEN to 100mcg 2w on 1w off for the OFF week i'll take ECA stack 2 times a day, morning and before WO.

    Test at 350mg with 4iu hgh should be ok since more of it will work.

    For the AAS was also thinking to just go for 350 Test P and build up Tren till 600-700mg but now at 400 i have a bit of troubles falling asleep also after 2IU hgh before bed. With melatonin things seems to work better... I can say that since have no short breath i still have some more "space" for Tren A

    For the diet i have found and interesting reading on CUTTING PRIMER.
    The exampled diet is made on a 200lb guy at 15%bf so... like me.

    Another interesting reading was that:

    I will start without slin for 4 weeks then when i'll see how can i hold my diet. For the end of June i would like to be at 10% at least....
    If muscles will grow and i'll loose fat too it will be pretty fast.

    The diet will be 100g carbs 300g prots 50g fats, i'll rotating carbs during week, 100g when i'll do LEGS/BACK 50g for other muscles.
    Carbs will be eaten 1h before WO, basmati rice, since it's my favourite carb, with chicken.

    I was too low on cals for too much time and i think that i have slowed my metabolism.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brimmy View Post
    You're getting way to caught up in the hormones. Take a simple stack, eat well and do cardio and you can't not lose weight.

    200-400 test
    200-400 tren
    200-400 mast

    You don't need huge amounts of hormones
    good advice plus no need to split the T3 up don't get too caught up in half life crap only rule is take it once a day ED at the same time

    EG I take 50mcg ed around the same time every morning between 6am and 8am no more complicate d then that

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    Meanwhile since my last post have lost 5kg. Need to loose another 5 and also i hope to put on some muscle.

    I decided to do 1ml ED Lean Gain + 0,5ml ED Tren 4iu hgh Genlei...
    The only thing that i still have in mind is to change to: 0,5ml Lean Gain + 1ml Tren A ed

    The only sides that i have is that will take a bit to fall asleep... and have a bit of little acne on shoulders that i'm curing with Nizoral.

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    Is there any rule on how much grams of gear you can use and how many cals you should eat?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaxino View Post
    Is there any rule on how much grams of gear you can use and how many cals you should eat?
    No, everyone is different, all types of gear do different things. Some people can eat 5000 calories and stay lean, others have to eat 3000

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    How do you find nizoral for acne? You just wash with it do you?

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    I buy It to farmacy..just ask to your doctor... He gave me It because of a dermatitis in my head..

    Btw i was my hair and body body with It... I wait 5 mins to let It work then i wash everything.

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    Btw regarding my AAS.
    I m at 0.5ml lean gain ed + 1.5ml Trenbolone a.
    It s really a lot of Tren i upped slowly the dose and i m fine... Have only some problems on sleeping more than 5 hours but i m fine.

    Libido is skyrocketed and sides... I want to become a freak sides are not an issue i am too determined.

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    Maybe for just 2000 cal i'm taking too much gear? i'm still on my 100g carbs 300g prots 45g fats diet....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaxino View Post
    Height: 182 cm
    Weight: 92 kg
    Body Fat %: 15%
    How many calories per day do you eat? 2500
    How many times per week do you train? 4
    How long have you trained for? 10 year
    Previous cycle experience? 2 years cycling
    Desired goals: go to single BF then explode, my goal would be to stay as lean as possible all year 8-10% and grow

    These are my goals, can please someone give me advices? In January i started my cut with 2500 cals (200c 200p 100f), but was a complete waste of time didn't get anything good.

    Atm i'm eating 50g carbs 320g prots 40g fats (mainly from omega3 pills), 6 meals a day the only meal where i eat carbs is post wo 50g dextrose +50g PeptoPro with 7IU Humalog. I also do 30-45 mins cardio all day fasted in the morning.

    My cycle atm is 5IU HGH (Hygetropin black tops)+1ml LEAN GAIN eod + 0,5 ml Tren A eod + 1ml Winstrol ed + 50mg Proviron ed + 1 Adex ed +25mcg T3. All products from MTS.

    Have also 3 vials of SHREDDED ready. I tried doing everything by myself, but tbh results are not that good.

    How should i improve? My diet is ok?

    Please help

    I did it! Today did my DEXA SCAN, 8% bf 93kg

    So during my cut, some muscle was built.

    Have cut to 6%, so 2% more, my only problem is that actually i'm holding water... how can i get rid of it?

    Atm i'm cruising on 300mg Test E+ 100mg Proviron ed
    Fat burners: T3 50mcg T4 100mcg 4iu HGH Genlei, have restarted today 80mcg Clen ed

    Now the only problem that i have is water, tons of it.... i'm thinking to go to Keto at 2000 cals, no CKD or TKD, just Keto.
    Have also the Keto book from Llewyn to follow...

    If i go keto i should start NPP? for insulin resistance etc? Was thinking of 150mg Test E, 350 NPP, 350 Mast P....

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