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Thread: Insulin protocol

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    Insulin protocol

    I'm starting my off season and will be running 4/6iu of jins a day along with the usual off season goodies but I want to run insulin this time but have never done it before was wondering if anybody knew the best way to start taking it currents stats 177cm 183lbs 7/8% bf my main goal is to put on as much size as possible as I'm switching from mp to bodybuilding 😊

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    What type(s) of insulin are you wanting to run? Also there is no set in stone carbs per iu of slin, a good point to start is 10g per iu while the slin is active and then taper down/up as your body needs by checking blood glucose and feel.

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    2g Test E 1400mg Tren E 50mg Anapolon 50iu Lantus 500mg DnP 100mcg T3

    Enjoy the greatness!

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    Christ jaxino
    LOL, it's a good cycle anyway :P

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