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    Test suspension

    An open ended question here - but what is the benefit of test suspension? Particularly during the last few weeks of contest prep. I run mts test prop for the last 8-6 weeks of prep, pulling all jabs a week before show as I'm solely a glute jabber and don't want lumps (particularly as my glutes are shredded!) I'm curious as someone offered it to me like test suspension would be of benefit (he knows my cycle and mr timescale prep wise). Me and my coach hadn't really heard much about it, so looking for opinions/experiences

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    Allows you to pull it later I guess, and probably hold less water. It's just a esterless test so it's very very fast acting.

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    Right so in theory you can run it show week? I ask I'm doing two shows in a week if I don't qualify so could use it as a "bridge" compound between the shows?

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    In theory yes, it's half life is approx 12 hours compared to prop 3 days. I'm yet to run test suspension but I have a stash of it that I'll be running soon for a bulk. I guess you could run suspension close up to your show to keep fullness and then pull it out 2-3 days from show to drop the water. I would do some experimenting first..

    I usually hear of it being used as a pre-workout compound because it gives lots of aggression, people include it in bulks pre workout at 50-100mg to boost up their total testosterone count quickly and give the aggression in your workout.

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    Interesting I have been using Methyl trien pre workout for aggression

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    My 2 cents

    been following your progress it is very motivating.

    I have been cycling since 1993 and have won 7 state titles and 3r/up at national level so take my advice for what it is worth.

    Now I have also ways used injectable winny last 4-6 weeks from show doses can range from 50mg ed to 100mg eod and as lttle as 50mg eod that said always would do 50mg ed last 14-10days out. all oils would be dropped and if I feel I needed more hardness would add 20mg halo with the winny.

    I have never used test sup but I have know a lot of guys how have and results have been nothing but magical only thing is the pip gets worse as time goes by and most guys can not take it that is why I always was not to keen to use it. the following protocol is what most will do

    off season gain
    30day cycle 100mg ed or eod will blow you up just be sure to stack it with some long acting test and stay on the dose of test for at least 6 weeks post test sup to solidify your gains could add some deca to this also

    For contest prep
    use last 3 weeks to as little as 10days out only need 50mg ed this will give you hardness without a lot of water you could also add an AI to this to dryout more.

    good luck with the show

    BTW was lucky to get 20ml of TS last year and plan to use it soon as I have always wanted to try it just hope the pip wont be that bad.

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