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Thread: Cycle Advice - fast Rebuild

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    Definitly. Its very powerful and very toxic. I felt ill by the third injection but pushed myself to the gym using stimulants and was strong as fuck. Indeed it totally killed my hunger, but i got stronger even by eating a calorie deficit lol.

    I'm not to sure about tudca. For instance, it makes liver toxicity worse when you take it before alcohol or during alcohol consumption. So i'm just going to use it for liver recovery.

    I don't do orals or methylated compounds that often, liver toxicity isn't that much of an concern for me.
    Will just try the halo once arrived and then use the tren base i got for another 6 weeks before jumping on mtren again.

    PS: really like your input mate.
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    Just popped 25mg halotestin for the first time along m50mg tren base.
    Heading to the gym in 1-2hours for heavy deadlifts, looking for a pr.

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    This stuff is no joke...

    Can't imagine what 50mg would do to me.

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    So back from holidays and am currently trying some different pre workout protocols:
    - 100mg tren susp + 25mg halo
    - 100mg tren susp + 1mg Methyltren
    - 100mg tren susp + 100mg test susp
    - 100mg tren susp + 1mg Methyltren + 25mg halo (I guess this will be fun)

    New Pr's incoming.

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    You'll be a scary guy to be around

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