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Thread: New cycle

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    New cycle

    Got my blood work done today.Its good to go!

    From the advice i got from you guys
    I added asprin & AAKG to control my blood pressure from EQ.
    Changed my diet up to a low salt diet.
    Shot sustanon 250,decca 100 & eq primo .5ml(250eq 50 primo) today in one syringe.
    tbol 25mg
    No rise in blood pressure or what so ever!!
    Post workout humalog 25 mix 8iu.

    Should i go for 1gram EQ (ie 2ml of eq primo) weekly?
    300 decca & ditch sustanon?
    i dont need to run sustanon as a base for running eq right? eq does the job of test right?

    keep tbol oral 25mg for 4-5 weeks?

    Currently 80 kg @12% bodyfat want to bulk to 97-100kgs in 20 weeks!
    height 5'11''

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