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Thread: 16% Bodyfat and counting down

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    16% Bodyfat and counting down

    Hi guys
    this is a follow on to my NABBA show 2016 I had dexa today and 11weeks ago I was 23% bf now I am at 16% bf a far cry from contest ready that is why I will not be doing the show. with 7 weeks to go I just wont make it.

    If you want to see how I am looking check out the pic from the contest post.

    I am now on a roll and at 18 weeks out at 23%bf it was always going to be a hard call. ATM in those 11 weeks I did gain back 9kg of muscle and lost 6kg of fat so yes MTS products work.
    Gaol now is to get down to 10%bf while still increasing muscle mass. Back in the day when I was at the top of my game my offseason readings on dexa scan 10%bf broken down to 10kgfat 80kg muscle atm I am 16%bf 15kg fat 75kg muscle so as you can see I am almost back to my best not bad since I have not thought about competitive bodybuilding for the last 10years. I will make it back to the stage it is just going to take alittle longer.

    Cycle atm
    1ml MT200 EOD
    50mg tbol ed
    50mg var ed
    50mcg T3 ed
    120mcg clen 5on 2off

    AOD peptide 500mcg before bed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaxino View Post
    Why No test?
    Why no anything.

    sometimes you need to go with how you are feeling. Just because I am running no test does not mean I am going to loose my left nut or some other weird affliction. I know you will hear it time and time again hey bro you gotta run some test with your cycle. I must admit I have brought into to this gotta run test with every cycle mentality. But then I thought to myself. back when I first stated taking gear 20 years ago all I would run is a lot a vet gear.
    tribolin 75 - boldenone 50 - dynabol 50 - stanazol 50 and gained great of all this stuff not real lot on the scales but good quality muscle. Later on I did start to add test to my cycles and all I noticed was it did make me stronger and the weight on the scales would go up fast sometimes quite abit I mean 10kg within side of 8 weeks. although I did get my first sign of gyno from test. Now back to when I was using non test cycles from the age of 19 to 23 I never had a problem with my plumping I was sagging all the time.

    Now in the last 15 years I went with always running test but over the years I have found it just makes me fat could be the fact it makes me too estogenic and yes I have ran an AI with a cycle but I still seem to add fat at about double the rate I add muscle.

    Now that I have tried all ways over 20 plus years I am going back to what I know works for me. Now remember I said what works for me.

    OK my rules on test

    Use it to gain max weight gain and strength gains

    Use it if using TREN but only at low doses other wise too many sides. If I keep a low dose of test with tren being higher I get no night sweats or prolactin problems. I once did 750mg of test e with 400mg Tren E and although I got big on that cycle the sweating was out of control and I was squirting milk from my tities not a good look.

    Use it to balance out a cycle to complement your gains so if using 600mg of deca match it with an equal dose of test

    Use it solo in high doses 750mg+ but only if you are under 10% bf I have found that high doses of test enhances the what you already have. So if you are nice and lean it will just enhance that even more with new lean muscle if you are high in bodyfat it will just make you a bigger fatter version of yourself.

    So hence the reason I want no test in my cycle as my bf is still too high. I think guys also forget that other compounds other then test still contain so androgenic components to them so with the cycle I am doing I still have enough to keep me going. Now if I was only to run the tren solo I would but some test in from the reasons I have just explained above.

    I still wake up with a bonner every morning and have no problem maintaining an erection during sex so my androgens must be ok.

    Plan is to stay off test until I get leaner

    Another thing I would like to says is I do not believe in blast and cursing I mean TRT or HRT is only for someone with a medical condition and just because you have run a few cycles and when you come off this does not mean you have a medical reason to be on TRT doses. Think about it did you have a test problem before you decided to take gear? The way I see it yes PCT is very important after a cycle because it helps your system to get back on track and get back to normal as fast as possible on the other side of that I do not by into time on time off crap either. It never made sense to me what if you did a 20 week cycle are you really going to take 20 weeks off.

    The max I would recommend off is 6-8 weeks if you want to keep progressing.

    Now cycle tips
    I like to run cycles of 6-20week
    If running any cycle under 6 weeks use only short acting gear because long esters wont do much in 6 weeks

    If running cycles more then 12 weeks in length finish the last 2-4 weeks of cycle with fast acting gear so this allows you to start PCT more sooner.

    If the cycle was under 600mg per week total a light PCT would be ok but cycles of long duration or 600mg+ per week your PCT must be more aggressive to the point of using HCG with SERMS

    I hope everyone got something out of this and I will update my progress and post pics as I progress.

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    16% Bodyfat and counting down-april-2016-001-jpg

    Got 22 weeks until the next show.

    the above pic was what I got to but as I stated I still needed more time as I was commimg from a long way back.

    ATM I am using

    TEST E 500mg wk
    EQ max 1ml w/k
    Stan inject 50mg eod
    0.5mg arimidex eod

    Goal is to just keep slowly progressing for now before I start my contest run

    I have been on T3 50mcg ed last 8 weeks so I want to get off it now to help fill me out more while on the test so I am going to taper it down over two weeks then come off going down to 25mcg then to 12.5mcg both for 7 days each then come off for a break. during that time I will use some clen to take up the slack for around 3 weeks then come off that too.

    Been on arimidex 0.5mg ed last 30days but my joints are getting a bit sore so taking it down to 0.5mg eod

    Diet wise going to add a couple of home made bulk shakes to pack a bit more size on do that for about 6 weeks then start to hone the diet in from there

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    That really is super amazing.

    Honestly didn't even know something like this is even physically doable in such a short space of time

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    16% Bodyfat and counting down-bulking-009-jpgThis is what I started out from
    Quote Originally Posted by Powertard View Post
    That really is super amazing.

    Honestly didn't even know something like this is even physically doable in such a short space of time

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    I wouldn't exactly call this "fat and out of shape" btw.

    You lokedbpretty decent starting out, obviously not bber level but certainly a physique most men would be proud of having
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