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Thread: Last 2.5 weeks before show - open to suggestions

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    Last 2.5 weeks before show - open to suggestions

    I have some loyalty points to use with MTS and won't be competing for at least 6 months so might as well use them. I am just over two weeks out

    Basically I have the following

    Shredded (5ml left)
    Supertren (7ml lef)
    Test prop ( 7 ml left, would pull this 12-10 days out but maybe could extend that a few more days)
    Mast prop (due to run out of this soon - about 4ml left)
    Methyl Trien (pre workout - got enough to run 1ml pre workout for rest of cycle)
    Helios (have another week's worth, then switch out and run clen)
    Clen (I have cycled it through prep, currently a week off then last two weeks run it at 80mg when helios runs out)
    Halo (enough for 50mg a day)
    Winnie (90mg ED)
    5ml of tren ace left

    I got enough Lasix, aldactone, t3.

    Literally I have beem running 40% of the gear this year than I did last year, but last six weeks we have ramped it up....

    Any suggestion of anything on MTS worth adding in? I don't care, it's 17 days until show, I stop jabbing in 12 days time, then I am coming totally off everything for a minimum of 6 weeks. So I am open to suggestions to add anything in...Obvs I know there is a minimum order, but I know others who will want other things to make up the minimum order.

    This is my condition a month out, I am 75kg and I am competing at u70kg bodybuilding Last 2.5 weeks before show - open to suggestions-4-weeks-jpg

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    I should say I did run primo for last 6 weeks up until 2 weeks ago, PIP was harsh at times, but could always put that back in perhaps?

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    Maybe lean bomb? I won't lie, I don't like buying products without knowing exactly what is in it, but I have run winnie due to cost for 12 weeks so a change would be good. I just can't get any water retention from this, and I would run it at 1-2 tabs a day then bridge over for a weeks into my holiday in a month after the show as a standalone.
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