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Thread: lean bomb

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    lean bomb

    any new reviews or results to post?

    have some on the way. Wanted to see if any experience with it


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    Any experience would be good . Just looking to see what to expect . Any other AAS there so much info and help to get the most out of what your using and goals .

    Just looking to see if diet had major factor , as in higher carbs , lower carbs, cardio , food intake , etc.

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    Diet always has a major factor when it comes to getting lean or gaining weight mate

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    thanks for the input, I get the diet for getting lean or gaining weight. I guess I was looking for a little more since its unknown the ingrediants. Like when I use tren or methyl tren, sweat like a bastard when I eat carbs. Dbol I blow up like a balloon with certain foods.

    just looking for any experience with results, mistakes, and etc

    pretty lean right now and looking for the polishing help like when using masteron or etc

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