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    Cycle Advice

    Looking to start a new cycle soon. Looking a little something like this:

    500 mg Test E for 15 weeks MF
    300 mg NPP for 10 weeks MWF
    30 mg Tbol for 10 weeks ED
    0,5 mg Arimidex EOD

    PCT will be the 100 mg proviron, clomid, nolva, and cialis pill.

    What do you all think?

    Im sitting at 6'1 214 lbs 13% BF. Looking to put on some lean gains for my first show in August.
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    Let everyone know your current stas and your goals so you can get more applicable advice bro

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    I would up the test and npp, so you are over 400 mg npp per week, under 400 is for joints only

    Arimidex is probably to high, i would use AI's only with bloodwork done, 0,25 mg e3d is enough, for me 0,25 eod @650 mg test was too high, had estrogen @11ug, so for 500 mg test u normally don't need an AI. Im talking about real dosed pharma Arimidex, don't know what u are using.

    Good luck!

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