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Thread: Mens physique show - 15 wks out

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    Mens physique show - 15 wks out

    Hey guys, currently 15 weeks out from my first men's physique show. Ive been lean gaining the past two years, started at 115lbs and am currently 181lbs 5'10 and i would guess about 8%bf. I want to bulk for about 7-8 more weeks and hopefully gain another 10 pounds before i begin to diet for my show (its extremely difficult for me to gain fat so i think with 7 or 8 weeks i should be able to get to about 5% bf for the show.

    Weeks 15-13
    825mg test (med-viron blend)
    300mg nandrolone (n-max blend)

    Weeks 12-9
    1g test
    450mg nandrolone (n-max blend)

    Weeks 8-show day
    Test prop 250mg /wk
    Tren ace 400mg/wk
    Mast prop 400mg/wk
    Prami (not sure what the best dosage for this and would love some advice from anyone who has used it before)

    Adding in the halo/primo blend at 4 weeks out at 1 tab a day.

    Thats the plan so far, its definitely open for adjustments based on your feedback

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    Here are some update pictures. Currently just under 11 weeks out. I am eating between 5000-6000 calories a day depending on activity levels for the given day. Still training 4 days a week on an upper/lower split. Woke up today weighing 184lbs on an empty gaining some weight just not as much as i had planned. I decided to switch up my cycle some and for the past two weeks i have been on 300mg tren a, 300mg mast p, 225 mg test.

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