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Thread: High Tren Low Test Recomp

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    High Tren Low Test Recomp

    Hey guys,

    I'm aiming for a recomp cycle, i want to cut bodyfat to arround 8-10%.

    Height: 179cm
    Weight: 91kg
    Body Fat %: 14-15
    How many calories per day do you eat? 3780
    How many times per week do you train? 5
    How long have you trained for? 6 Years
    Previous cycle experience? 250-750mg test for 9 Months
    Desired goals: Recomp, Muscle gain and fat loss

    At the moment I'm cruising on 300 mg test e per week..

    Cycle is planned that way:

    Week 1-10 Test E @ 37,5 mg e3d, means arround 75 mg per week, maybe upping to 125 mg if i feel bad
    Week 1-6 Duo Tren @75mg eod (starting lower, cuz first Tren cycle)
    Week 5-10 Tren E @150 mg e3d
    Week 8-12 Anavar @30-40 mg ed
    Week 11-x Test upping back to 300mg per Week

    It's my first cycle with Tren, if recomp doesn't work that good I'm doing a normal cut, main goal is low bf in 3 months.

    I'm starting with duo tren because of the tren ace, so if i can't handle tren I'm fast out, i think 1 week of enantate wouldn't do that much.

    Enanthate because I'm afraid of the tren cough, I'm an asthmatic.

    I've got a few questions:

    How should i eat @recomp? I'm now @3780 (380g protein) kkcal per day and doesn't gain or lose anything.

    Has anyone here chronic asthma and cycled Tren? With my long acting b2 sympathomimetics my bronchial system works normal, so tren shouldn't be i problem? I don't suffer on asthamtic attacks.

    I have Pramipexol for prolaktin problems here, how should i dose it?

    Any critics/ advices on my cycle? Anyone interested in logging a bit?

    Kind regards, beast!
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    Pls cmon, if you don't understand something ask..

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    Imho you should go for:

    Test E: 150-300mg
    Tren E: 400-500mg
    Masteron E: 400-500mg


    Test E + MT-200 blend that has fast esters and you can find faster your sweet spot, don't ho superhigh with Tren A, keep it at 350 for at least 4 weeks, then try to raise it, but i assure you that sides will be overkill and you only become more and more FLAT. (i tried it personally)

    Atm i'm on Test E + MT200, on Mon i charge 0,5ml of Test E + 1ml MT-200 then i take 1ml EOD of MT-200

    Skip orals, if you really want to use them, throw in Anadrol 50mg ed + Winstrol 25mg ed only when at 6-8% BF, until that value i wouldn't even bother to use orals. For what is my experience keep always Test lower than Tren and use Masteron to keep water away.

    I had 0 prolactin problems with those dosage, maybe take some B6 vit that will be enough, and keep ADEX or Aromasin on hand.
    You won't have any hasmatic problem with Tren so low...
    Clenbuterol and T3 should help the process too...

    For diet, i would stay low on cals:
    - 50-100g carb and near WO time
    - 300-400g prots (your weight in lb*1,5-2)
    - 2g omega 3 pills every meals (6meals at least)

    Add 3 days of cardio 30 mins.

    On sunday, do a recharge carb meal with pizza or pasta, 0 fats.

    That way you should cut... do that for 4 weeks then maybe 1/2 weeks at Maintenance, then restart...

    Remember STEROIDS WON'T BURN FAT, they let your muscle grow in a particular condition, if you want a true body recomp diet try LEANGAINS (google it) and take your time... it's impossible to cut fast
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    Once on that Protocol, Test Tren Mast, you can play with TEST and raise it to grow with it....

    Good reading here:

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    Good advice

    Quote Originally Posted by Jaxino View Post
    Once on that Protocol, Test Tren Mast, you can play with TEST and raise it to grow with it....

    Good reading here:

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    Okay, first thanks for the high quality answer, i didn't get everything but most of it (no native speaker).

    I want to keep my hair for at least this summer, so I'm aware of Masteron, even if I'm interested in, atm testing this RU58841 against hairloss, don't know if that works.

    What do you think about
    150 mg test
    500 tren

    Too less? What do you mean by become more and more flat? I always heard that the sides on High Tren would be much milder then on Low Tren, my mates didn't have much sides with both, but they are like "first pin, then think", so no help.

    My diet is now:

    Workout days:
    2997 kcal, 84 g carbs, 360 g protein, 135 g fat

    Free days:
    2389 kcal, 67 g carbs, 334 g protein, 94 g fat

    Omega 3 i always take, i'll increase now, kinda expensive.

    Exemestan and Arimidex i have on hand. I'm @100 mg Deca/week for my joints, shouldn't be a problem hm?

    Very nice article Jaxino!
    How long can i run tren, or should i depend this on my bloodwork?

    Kind regards beast

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    Low test High Tren is very good! Keep E2 at low level so even if you eat a lot of carbs, they won't spill out.

    Since what you are doing is a Recomp, so basically you are building and destroying.

    Noticed now that your diet is basically FAT orientend, NPP/Deca works really well with FATS, better than Tren. Tren needs some more carbs, and if you eat carbs you will loose less fat.

    At this point you should figure out an half way.... I would give a try to LEANGAIN DIET here is the calculator:

    These are my values:
    Protein Carbs Fat Calories
    Rest Days 193 g 106 g 141 g 2,469 kcal
    Training Days 193 g 550 g 81 g 3,704 kcal

    I have noticed that you are a meat eater like me, so you have to adjust the proteins/kg in calculator.

    Anyway for a Recomp at this point you can choose an AAS approach of:
    150-200mg Test - 500mg Tren A - 350mg NPP + (forwater control 350mg Proviron)

    Wait for Masteron use it always at low bf, i tell you this because i'm at your same BF atm and you can't see his magic. All DHT steroids works wonder only on low BF.
    NPP is good for joints ok, but MAINLY for MASS! It will give you a full look. I won't choose Equipoise for a recomp since it will fuck your hungry.

    I'm a fan of BLENDS, but for RECOMP you have to have the TREN do the whole WORK and other roids to just support him, so it will be better for you to as start PIN Tren A starting from low dose (350mg) and upping it every 2 weeks (when it's stabilized) then after 2 weeks up to 400! 2 weeks 450! 2weeks 500! 2weeks 550! 2 weeks 600! etc etc etc 2 weeks 700! Oh shit i can't sleep, i piss stones, i would kill everyone and stay alone in a corner because i hate the world! STOP pinning it for 3 days, restart with your protocol for 650mg for other 2 weeks and see how it goes.

    Ok now you have your sweet TREN A spot let's say 600mg? you can switch to Tren E for less injections 600*0,87/0,7=745mg Tren E so let's say 700 better not to abuse on long esters.

    Tren can be run by bloodworks ofc or if you taper it up even for more than a year, because dose, grows with you (more or less) more muscles = more AAS than you can handle.

    RECOMP, BULKING, CUT are always a marathon, AAS will help us on building muscle, diet on building muscles and loosing fat, so aim for a nice diet, and for an AAS protocol NOT overdosed, stay under 1-1,5g of gear.

    If you want to make things a but simpler for a recomp, i would just go like that:

    TEST E 250-500mg + 100mg Deca + Adex or Aromasin + T3 50mcg + Clen ed 60mcg blast 500mg TREN A (8 weeks on 4 weeks off)
    Only the TREN A will be added ON/OFF, when low bf put MASTERON, or run 4 weeks of WINSTROL 50mg ed.

    Sorry but ENGLISH is not my first language i hope you understand my little bible

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