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    competition prep

    Getting ready for Nationals in November. I won't officially start prep till August but l like to plan far in advance and have to change up one of my go to compounds because of a kidney issue l had. The issue has been resolved but l really would like to not use tren this go around.

    Right now I am currently using 200mg test e and 3 iu of GH.

    My prep cycle l had in mind
    Test P 150mg eod
    Masteron P 150mg eod
    Primo Depot 800mg every 5 days starting 20 weeks out

    This is where my question comes in 1 will continue GH till 4 weeks out.
    Thinking about running Var and at 42 days out l will add 25mg of winstrol every 8 hours and increasing it to 25mg every 6 hours l run my winny right up to day of the show. I normally drop test p at 2 weeks out and take last shot of masteron on Thursday before the show.

    So my question is when to var in and at what dose? What about drol during carb up phase last few days?

    Any and all suggestions welcome. I will post pic of my current condition

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    competition prep-v__e905-jpgcompetition prep-v__e905-jpg

    This is 2 weeks ago

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    This is from yesterday after using tanning booth for 2 weeks to get a little competition prep-c__data_users_defapps_appdata_internetexplorer_temp_saved-images_10557649_1650527331840166_17016-jpgcompetition prep-c__data_users_defapps_appdata_internetexplorer_temp_saved-images_10557649_1650527331840166_17016-jpg

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    Don't have leg pic right now. This is from last contest so l know how to dial them in but l was also using trencompetition prep-fb_20150616_21_16_58_saved_picture-jpg

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    Height and weight?

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    August prep time

    competition prep-c__data_users_defapps_appdata_internetexplorer_temp_saved-images_1926153_1579003408992559_819816-jpgcompetition prep-wp_20160726_002-jpgcompetition prep-wp_20160726_007-jpg

    Thanks Powertard. I am ready for prep now . My legs look like a turkey leg lol they are now fucking massive. Back and legs win shows and l am bringing some fucking tree trunks and and my best Dorian Yates ( use his back training philosophy) back to the stage

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