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Thread: hey i was sent something that has nothing to do with mts

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    hey i was sent something that has nothing to do with mts

    hey thanx for the ingenious stealth packaging . i got so paranoid it even fooled me. everything checked out and thanx for fixing royal mails fuck up i am a customer for life
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    OK - this issue was resolved and was a matter of misunderstanding of what stealth means and why stealth is packaged the way it is.

    Let's go through a few things

    we have 2 ranges
    1) EUROPE

    both of these ranges are dispatched from 2 different countries. There are various reasons for this but not needed to be explained on a public forum.

    When a package is dispatched from the INTERNATIONAL range... does one automatically look at the bottle and think WTF??? Why did I get this piece of garbage?

    Well the answer is YES - IF you didn't read the million lines of commentary explaining "discreet" packaging, "stealth", etc...

    Now in the case of the OP, the order was 200 tablets, but the bottle was a stealth bottle labelled with 50 tablets. To me that explains something.... hang on---- why is there 200 tablets in a 50 tablet bottle.

    If one requires tablets that are FULLY labelled... then order from the European range, but the delivery speed is generally much longer.

    Our International range is designed to keep you safe and secure. Might not look pretty, but don't judge the book by the cover. Why would I send you some non-sense OVER-FILLED bottle of crap just to scam you AFTER you've made already 15-20 orders! Like seriously??

    In this case, everything was resolved respectively via email.

    Many customers from strict as hell countries can vouch for the contents.

    All Thailand pharma gear is sent in different bottles and there has not been a single complaint to date. Why? Because the goods are authentic and guaranteed...

    I'm sure many of you guys have tried those brands "MAX PRO", "MEDITECH" (not med-tech), .... brilliant packaging, nice boxes, embossed text and incredible professionalism.... but the shit inside is pure shit. Couldn't even pass a labmax test!

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