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Thread: Discreet packaging

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    Discreet packaging

    I am missing Dianabol from my order?
    Why is this the case?
    Why do i have chinese tablets as oppose to dianabol tablets?

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    I don't want to keep getting these sorts of emails please... what is discreet packaging on INTERNATIONAL orders????

    DANABOL DS = 500 tablets in blue hearts
    The guy orders 100 tablets... BLUE HEARTS

    I send him a bottle that says on the label "50" tablets of some random vitamins... but there is a 100 tablets in the bottle...

    like seriously..... did you even go on google and research what you bought??? do you even know what DANABOL DS looks like????

    EDUCATION is more important than having big muscles...

    If you are getting international shipments... I try to get things to you safely... why do you want a pretty box? the pretty box that says "steroids" on it won't make you any bigger or make gains

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    Who cares what the package looks like as long as the products works and you get results! I don't care what type of box my products come in because I know MTS products are legit

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