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Thread: Under Construction: The Freak (FULL MOVIE)

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    Under Construction: The Freak (FULL MOVIE)

    removed because it was deleted
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    Nice one for posting this been wanting to watch this for a while now...

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    damn advertisements... it works though.

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    His injection techniques scare me. High chance for abscess.

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    Thank you for this, been wanting to watch this for quite a while too.

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    Quite funny watching peoples reactions to his size in The Trafford Centre.

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    this was a pretty good video

    interesting to say the least, but they guy does some weird things lol

    all that oil in his arms does not look appealing

    and he talks about how much he loves traning hard, but all i saw was some pec dec and concentration curls

    im also suprised he pct but oh well

    good video

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    I think he may be doing a follow up vid

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    Great that you uploaded it. I already bought it thou

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