I got 20 ml via mts in a week the order arrived.Extremely fast via EMS.
I shot 1ml of this product and got superb jacked and buffed up like crazy.
It is extremely strong and potent.
I highly recommend asprin & other blood pressure medication to be taken with this product.
The week after i shot 2ml of this product at one go and damn my bp shot up like crazy.
My weight shot up from 78kg to 83 kg in a matter of less than 2 weeks.Its insane!!
And the best part is i kept eathing like crazy yet getting leaner and putting on more muscle mass.
Absolutely love this product!!
Will upload before and after photos soon after 15-20 weeks.

750 EQ 200 primo weekly
2.5 iu scizen intramuscular on delts working like crazy everyday
25mg of tbol a day