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Thread: BANNED - classic and fastest way to get banned

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    BANNED - classic and fastest way to get banned

    There is no tolerance for aggressive attitudes or bullshit inabilities to read the rules and talk shit back to me.

    This guy got himself banned...

    Firstly --- he orders under the MINIMUM and I gave him an exeption. Now he has to smart talk himself like this.....

    On Mon, April 25, 2016 4:01 pm, XXXXX XXX wrote:
    > Yeah so if I ordered something very early morning in about 6am so Its
    > mean I want you to ship order same day. If I would to ship my parcel on
    > Monday I will pay for order on weekend not in friday . Its already second
    > working day running up so I want you to give me tracking numer If you
    > still didnt send me my parcel I want refund for beeing rude!
    >>> But I ordered on friday in early morning so its should be already
    >>> shipped

    It says this on the checkout page....


    So the guy orders on FRIDAY 6AM... and what --- he wanted it already shipped on FRIDAY????

    It says on the FAQ

    Estimate Total Delivery Time

    Before your order is shipped, has to process your order and put all your items through its strict quality control tests. Because of this, Total Delivery Time is different to shipping time alone.

    Total Delivery Time = Processing Time + Shipping Time

    Processing time is usually takes 1 day but starts the next day.

    All orders are shipped 1-2 WORKING DAYS after payment is received!

    So I have NEVER written... same day delivery

    WEEKENDS are not working days....

    so paying 6am FRIDAY = FRIDAY 6pm CUT OFF TIME... which means you belong on the MONDAY processing window and should be sent out MONDAY or TUESDAY but technically we give buffer to TUESDAY...

    Given it is MONDAY morning... this guy talking shit like this... can go else where... BANNED AND NOT WELCOME

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    What's with some people....

    > On Tue, April 26, 2016 3:51 pm, Marcin Rak wrote:
    > > Its last time when I ordered something from your website I asked you to
    > > send me tracking numer 3 Times and I still dont have this numer!!! I want
    > > refund NOW!!!

    It says on our policy page - As a security measure, from now on - all orders out of Europe will not have the tracking # given when delivery confirmation has been emailed and the order marked complete.

    On Tue, April 26, 2016 4:00 pm, Marcin Rak wrote:
    > No Im not gonna calm down I asked you for tracking number and for you its
    > so hard to send me that number. Icant even loginto my account and check
    > progres. That website is fake if I wouldnt get my refund back I will go
    > to police and show your email, everything showing up that your website is
    > fake!
    You can't login because you are banned. This one is funny as hell.

    Nice one.

    On Tue, April 26, 2016 4:08 pm, Marcin Rak wrote:
    > So If I banned I want my refund! You took money and you just banned me
    > for not sending parcel to my you got 2 hours to do something if you dont
    > Im going to police anyway Im 14 years old you will get arrested for
    > sending steroids to child

    T: 07563854484
    [email protected]

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    I really laughed out loud about such idiots.

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    That guy is just an idiot, he shouldn't even be taking hormones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Comerford View Post
    I really laughed out loud about such idiots.
    ^^^got a good laugh from that
    "I can't login"...You are banned that's why

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