Hi all,

I'll be competing in my 3rd contest later this year and plan to execute a 12 week prep.

MTS products used exclusively for growth phase:

Test E: 900wk
EQ: 900wk
Medtropin: 3iu's ED

Current stats:
Height: 5'7
Morning Weight: 16st 7lbs (231 Lbs)
BF 10-11%

Below is the cycle I would like to implement. Any suggestions constructive criticisms are welcome

Primo Depot 1000mg Wk 1-10
Test Cyp 350mg Wk 1-10
Tren A 75mg (5 days a week) 1-10 (May increase to 100mg if progress slows)
Mats P 50 EOD Wk 1-10
Anavar 50 mg ED Wk 1-12
Anadrol 50 mg ED Wk 6-10
Halo 25mg ED Wk 9-12
Medtropin Or Jintropin 3iu's ED Wk 1-10
EPH: As required