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Thread: Khie Biggs - ignorant dumb arse

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    Khie Biggs - ignorant dumb arse

    This guy deserves his details shown here:

    [email protected]
    Khie Biggs
    Flat 12F Lindop House
    432 Mile End Road,
    London, E1 4PE
    United Kingdom
    T: 07957079576
    Somebody cloned my card today and tried to use it in an atm in nepal. Luckily my bank stopped this. I have only used my card in transactions with you, and sainsburys. It is pretty clear the issue came from you. I don't know whether it was you guys who did this, or whoever you use to process your payments. Sort your issues out, and furthermore, your opsec better be fucking good, because the fraud department of my bank is going to know everything about this when I go in to my branch this morning.
    Seriously.... did you even read what you said????

    We are talking about a National Banking Institution
    We are talking about Encrypted databases, messages
    We are talking about 3D SECURE technology
    We are talking about HTTPS encryption

    MR know it all.. seems to have his facts sorted. He was rewarded with a ban.

    A National Bank is more secure than your porn infested computer with spyware and viruses.

    He reckons I threatened him because I said thank you? I didn't even say anything. He needs to get his paranoia in check.

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