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Thread: TURINAVAR (TBOL 25mg/ANAVAR 25mg/50 tabs)

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    TURINAVAR (TBOL 25mg/ANAVAR 25mg/50 tabs)

    any reviews guys about that combo?

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    same hear would like to know

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    This shit is the worst thing i have tried, after 3 days i start getting fucked up pain in my left chest, i have used it for 1 week and can feel anything

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    How much are you taking ?

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    And 1 whole week and nothing huh? You must be a real tool bag because you would know why you have a pain in your chest if you knew anything about gear

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    big482, wtf u know about gear?
    1 whole week u will see some results but this shit is 0
    and i take 1 per day will increas week 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mitro View Post
    big482, wtf u know about gear?
    1 whole week u will see some results but this shit is 0
    and i take 1 per day will increas week 2
    Firstly... like I said email... it's impossible to get chest pains from turinabol and anavar. The worst you can get is stomach issues because of your body's ability to not break it down etc...

    But chest pain? This isn't clen. There is no direct pathway to your heart. What's your blood pressure?

    I suggest you give them to your friends to try. See if they get the same problem. You might have a different underlying problem that needs to be addressed.

    ALSO --- who judges gear after 1 week?

    Turinavar 25/25 is seriously 25mg tbol + anavar/day.... like this is seriously a very low dosage for women.

    This isn't dianabol or anadrol here where water weight gains is visible the next day. what results are you expecting? fat loss?

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    MR BIG, i will check with the doctor the blood pressure,
    yes im expecting fat loss.

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    I started them about a month ago and so far I'm loving it. I know a month isn't really much but i started feeling it a few days in. Now im having some of the greatest pumps ever and I'm feeling stronger as well. I hear a lot of good things about Anavar but never used it before.
    I used the turinabol and loved it. This Combo is awesome because I'm not having any sides so far as all. That's a nice change from using Tren for a long time.
    Best part is no water retention at all. Looking very lean and feeling great on it. I got myself 2 bottles and will get mor4 sure
    Sorry, i forgot the dosage. I take 75mg spread out in 3 doses thru out the day
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