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    I'd this ok cycle
    600mg test 400 weekly
    352 super tren
    100mg oxymetholone daily

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    I would run low test, high tren, anadrol.

    Doses depends on your stats.... post them.... Weight BF% years using AAS


    And read this post:

    This guy uses different associations of these products, ofc don't use same doses...
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    98 kilo
    16 body fat
    4th cycle
    Age 37

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    16% body fat is too much, you should cut to 10% at least and the start cycling for bulking, 6% will be even better.

    Cut with low test 150-200mg, 350 supertren (tren acetate will be better, since methyltrienolone is very toxic)
    Add a DHT at 10% (Winstrol or Masteron or Proviron or Anadrol).

    When at 6% do Anadrol 50mg ed 4w on 4w off. At such a low BF anadrol will fill you like a baloon with no water retenction.

    I know... cutting at 6% will require time and dedication, but you have to or all AAS will work less than half and will give you a lot of sides.
    I'm doing the same ride to 6%, it takes time... don't crush your diet. Make 2 weeks maintenance, then put a deficit of 15% for at least 4 weeks, when you see yourself stalling raise the deficit. Raise Tren to 400-450 and so on until your are lean.

    Less AAS you use on a CUT the better will be, you can do 200mg Test 400 ew + 500 Supertren.
    If it's your first run on Tren, i would use Tren Acetate instad of Supertren, because you have to find the sweet spot.
    I started with Test Tren Mast, tbh it's not correct, on high BF Masteron will give you just some vascularization and a bit sense of wellbeing. it's a waste imho. I would instead focus my self on Tren, start superlow dose and raise it slowly, you will avoid a lot of side effects, instead of jumping right to the dose.

    Last thing, let's say you have 1000mg to use for your cut, imho it will be better to have as much TREN as you can take, and don't waste pins and mls on products that shine only at low bf.

    What i wrote is 50% my experience, 50% friends experience. We tried to cut on 2g gear LOL! Superfail, we are not ready for that, the more gear you take the more muscle you must have.

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    Good read from Jaxino. Thanks!

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