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Thread: JERRY BRAINUM on Growth Hormone and IGF1

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    JERRY BRAINUM on Growth Hormone and IGF1

    Another good video!

    Jerry discusses the benefits of HGH and IGF1 and the differences. What they do to the body as far as muscle growth and reduced body fat and more...He goes into great detail

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    Its so hard get light IGF!..cots shit loads

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    Quote Originally Posted by sheep View Post
    Its so hard get light IGF!..cots shit loads
    The best IGF1 LR3 I have bought came from a website in China... super high dosed 1000mcg vials, cheap and awesome good, the fella gave money back guarantees if it wasn't good. I can assure you... never needed to... it was damn good. Went crazy hypo even with a tiny amount of insulin in my blood.

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    Yeah I have used that same type of IGF-1 LR3

    I used 80 mcg-250 mcg ED for I think 12 days?

    Really amazing stuff, 120+ mcg was just brilliant

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    Jerry is really great. I watched couple vids with him and Ric. Lot of knowledge there

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    The best IGF i ever used was Insubolic , at 200mcg pre workout i cant finish back workout because of insane pumps . But the best cheap way to create IGF is use high dosage hgh 8 to 20ius ) post workout and 20min later use 10 to 20ius humalog and also 20 to 30ius lantus on first meal . Remember lantus increase IGF 30% , imagine using with hgh

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    I think the best way to build real high IGF is 6 to 15ius hgh ( can be all pharm or half pharma + half UGL ) with 30ius or more Lantus + 5ius Humalog every meal , and to make it even stronger 30mg MK677

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