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    contest prep

    My friend is getting ready to start his contest prep for his IFBB pro card. This is his last attempt at trying to get it. So l went out on a limb and am giving him a full MTS contest prep cycle consisting of Test propionate, Tren ace, Masteron propionate,Primovar and Stanabol. All MTS products. He might add in Halovar at the end. I believe MTS products will push him over the top. I will be posting his dosages and progress. I can't give out to much info to protect his Identity and MTS . He is starting in roughly 2 weeks. Stats 5'11" 267 11% BF right now. I am so confident in MTS products that l payed for his whole cycle. Thank you MTS for your great products and services. With your product's you don't have to worry about underdosed products, fake products or over dosed products which can be worse than under dosed.

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    Great that you will share his prep! I will follow it for sure!

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    So contest prep cycle is complete. This is a all MTS gear cycle except 2 Humatrope 72 iu pens.
    1 testosterone e 300mg
    4 test propionate 100mg
    5 tren ace
    1 duo mast
    2 mast e
    2 mast propionate
    5 50 count primavar
    1 50 count halovar
    1 50 count 50mg anavar
    1 50 count 50mg Stanabol
    18 2000iu hcg
    2 30 count PCT "80"

    So everything is in place now so just waiting on the prep coach to pull the trigger on which contest . I would love to be running this prep myself but my friend has a better chance at winning than myself.

    I will post dosages soon. I chose MTS products because they really are the best . Anybody who can make 500mg products that have no pip and are effective is top notch.

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    I will keep updating. Might get contest info today.

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    Contest prep starting July 1st ! Current stats 5'11" 260lbs 10% bf currently using MTS test cyp 200mg every 6days and 200mg mast e every 3 days

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