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    Cycle Advice

    I am currently into my 3rd week of this cycle:

    100mg NPP EOD
    300mg Test E MF
    30 mg Tbol
    0.5 mg Arimidex EOD

    I started the arimidex early, maybe too early and have killed off my estrogen. Or, the NPP has increased my prolactin levels too much. My sex drive is nonexistent. I was wondering if you think I should drop the Adex for a few weeks and see if that helps, or if decreasing my dose to 0.25 mg EOD would help. I would like to think once the Test E starts to take effect it'll work itself out, but I'm considering getting cabergoline. Thoughts and advice are appreciated.

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    Test still has to hit and you killed your own Test with OT and NPP. Just wait for Test E to kick in.
    I would add Masteron E to your cycle 400mg week...

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    I have some masteron prop coming in, as well as test prop. Going to switch to test prop 100 mg EOD and 1cc of Test E a week once it gets here to help bring levels up quicker.

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