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Thread: Nebido for trt/cruise

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    Nebido for trt/cruise

    Hi All

    I see MTS off nebido aka test undec.. ive heard this was designed for one jab of 4ml (1000mg) of test every 12 weeks. i.e. 4 injections a year. has anyone tried it like this purely for trt? do you get any nipple flare ups etc with the big one time jabs? or does it stabalise well?

    trying to get info for a friend who is currently jabbing once a week on test e but would prefer fewer jabs. he currently only does 0.5ml test e once a week but wanting to up that a lil. i think even if he can get away with once a month injections he'll be happy too but 4 a year would be awesome.


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    anyone able to advise with this?

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    Yeah, nebido is designed for trt. I find that it provides unstable blood levels if you only shoot it like its supposed to be.
    You wont find alot of people on the forum who only use trt doses long term.
    If you want to stick to trt just use test-e (250mg) 0.5 ml once a week oder test-c (200mg) 0.5ml once a week.
    This will provide more stable blood levels.

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    Ive been iself admin trt for 3 yrs..48yrs old.blast once per year.
    Trt is 0.5ml test400 once a week.(200mg)
    Just switched over to mts nebido..planning on injecting 2ml (500mg.).once every 3 weeks..
    Get bloods done just before 4th jab.(12 weeks)

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