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Thread: New MTS Product - MODAFINIL 200mg

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    Had my first pill Friday just before I went to work
    I chewed it...taste isn't that bad

    You don't get a buzz from it but your just awake
    More focused in what your doing
    You feel good
    I didn't yawn once all day
    Just got on with my work and the gym with no tiredness issues
    Around 8pm I started to get sleepy and the yawning started, that was 14 hours after the pill
    Had a good nights sleep with no issues

    What more can I say, this product will be a great help with everyday life
    As well as the gym

    Everyday busy life

    This is the drug for you

    This badboy is now added to my arsenal

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    this is a great product, there is a reason why it is selling so well and there is a great buzz around it. it works and it works like a charm. feeling good and focussed without any downsides

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    Placed an order today, I'm up 6am daily, constantly yawning all day, every day, from my adex ai I guess. Hopefully this will increase feel good factor. Anybody split their 200mg into two dosages over the day? Would I be asking for late night insomnia if I were to do that. Or full tablet early in the day is enough to see you through the work day and gym by 6/7 in the evening? I'd be wary it may of tapered off by then

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    try splitting it up and see how you do on it, every body reacts slightly different to medicine. try few days 1 single dose and few days split it up and see what works best for you

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    Does this kill your appetite like ritalin/ amfetamine?

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    I used it for a couple weeks and my appetite wasn't affected.

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