So.. my cut gone well! 6% bf measured with dexa scan.

Now it's time for a lean bulk.

Was thinking of using:
Test E 300mg
Tren A 350mg
NPP 350mg
Masteron E 400mg
4iu hgh Genlei + 4iu Riptropins (have a lot to finish)
AI: 2,5 Femara ew
Prolactine: jumex, Dostinex, prami
T3: 50mg

My diet atm Is a 2000cals Keto. I will up cals and doses of AAS (NPP and TrenA) every 4 weeks (50mg, 300cals)

What do you think? 500mg Tren A is my max dose i will try to reach 600 if NPP let me pack some more muscle i think i can reach that dose...