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Thread: Writing a book regarding peptides, hGH and slin in sports!

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    Writing a book regarding peptides, hGH and slin in sports!


    Currently writing a book about peptides hGH and slin (inc IGF 1 obviously)!

    it will be published as an e-book by George Leeman and sold online for $25-50 USD (we haven't thought of exact price yet)

    Currently 6500 words and taking shape.

    it will feature detailed lengthy info based on pubmed studies, real life athlete's anecdotal evidence and of course... GH15 approved info! (Please be aware I am not ripping off GH15. I will reword the info he gives out or he has approved and make it concise, maybe taking a quote here and there if he allows as well as crediting everyone who gives info.)

    If you would like to be involved in research for this book including running protocols of peptides for injuries/sports enhancement, have your own anecdotes or found interesting pubmed studies, PM me!

    Your name will be included in the "Special thanks" section and you will receive a full free copy of the book and perhaps a shout of from George!

    This post is not intended for marketing but to recruit willing people to help get this book developed. I need real athletes to give evidence!!

    Please help

    I am making this book ground breaking. It will be the anabolics 2009 edition of peptides, insulin and growth hormone. Many, many thousands of words and 10's of pages of quality researched info from real Drs, research Scientists, athletes and GH15!

    Get in here if you want to help!

    many regards

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    also you will receive early pre-release copies via e-mail highlighting your contribution

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    That sounds interesting. Keep us updated

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    Will do Drako

    Hey if you know anyone willing to participate in some experiments please PM me

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    I cannot contribute in terms of information because I don't think my knowledge is quite there yet but I am a writer by profession so if you need help with proofreading, editing, rephrasing and the like, let me know if I can chip in in any way.

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    Thanks Xero!!

    Wow! Looks like this is gonna go far

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    Good luck with your writing

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