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Thread: Primo depot

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaxino View Post
    ******** in some oh his post said that one of the best therapies one can run is:

    Test + Tren A + Primo A

    If you have PIP from Primo A just mix it with TrenA in same siringe
    When i will try Primo A i will try it at 500mg ew, less than this i think it's wasted.

    Primo A, Masteron, Winstrol, Proviron are all DHT derivatives with different proprieties.
    if you are not near a show or competing you should just run 1 max 2 dhts....
    Since i hate orals, i would run Masteron and Primo A.
    AFAIR Primo A had just 50mg per ml. Or I am wrong?
    50ml per ml is imho complete pointless...I dont know if 100mg Primo A is possible, but 50 ist just to low.

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    anyone else ran the primo E? if so, what were your results & dosage?

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    Quote Originally Posted by hrazor View Post
    anyone else ran the primo E? if so, what were your results & dosage?
    Contact CHINA_WALL on steroidology. he is a very well respected member there and he has used it. He did a review on SHREDDED but he couldn't be bothered to do the review on PRIMO-E... you can contact him there

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    Was thinking to run a Test E Tren E Primo E cycle.

    Is that worth to stack Primo with Tren?

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    Many say you can't but I try it and it's my favorite and the best ever try.

    I try 600mg test e 400mg tren e 700mg primo

    But next time I will try 280mg test e 600mg tren e 1000mg primo

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    I would run 20 weeks of:
    Test E 150mg -> 0,5ml ew
    Tren E 600mg -> 3,0ml ew
    Primo E 1050mg -> 10,5ml ew

    It's a lot of oil 14ml ew

    You can even add NPP:
    Test E 150mg -> 0,5ml ew
    NPP 350mg -> 3,5ml ew
    Tren E 600mg -> 3,0ml ew
    Primo E 1050mg -> 10,5ml ew

    It's a lot of oil 17,5ml ew
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    MTS Primo is good stuff.

    Only 3 weeks on it and it's doing his work!

    My current cycle:

    600 mg test400 + 500 mg primo, 2iu hgh, MK677 10 mg.

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    How do you take HGH and MK677?

    I mean... the timing thx!

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    Been running Primo Depot@ 900mg EW along with 600mg test and 200mg Mast E for mass. Unconventional approach but look and feel better than all other compound variations

    Top quality product! After a few weeks you notice quality roundness and fullness without water retention (obviously some from test but I know my body very well and can distinguish). I experience no sides at all.
    Also I have had injuries which required time of from the gym (4-5 weeks) and noticed that I kept all my mass, as long as eating clean calories with protein a little higher and carbs dropped to leave same calorie total.

    If you can afford, go for it!


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