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Thread: restarting completely advice needed

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    Bloat off!

    Abs are starting to come in!

    Still small and flat though.

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    Bloat back abs gone lol
    Face is puffyb too

    Right nipple sore

    Adding AI, felt really good on the dbol and I woke up bigger and fuller on it.

    If AI doesn't cut it in a few days I'll come off it

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    Argh. Didn't drink enough water with a paylllium husk dose...a bit constipated right now.

    Digestive tract has sucked all water out of muscles etc to process it...completely flat small.

    Dropping psyllium husk.

    Sticking to oats and vegetables instead.

    In more pertinent news...serratus and top 4 abs are in but due to bloat I cannot see them currently.

    Currently living on soup Greek yogurt quark protein powder and other soft foods until it clears out

    Also dropping dbol.

    250 test e 50 teen a EOD-ed is good enough right now

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    Maple syrup and pancake flavoured whey arrived.


    I feel absolutely not deprived at all. This stuff literally tastes like thick maple syrup lol if you make it correctly .

    Put it on some Quark cheese...oats or what have you. It is so nice.

    I made a donut from it today! Gluten free dough rolled up cooked put it inside. Legit pretty much a donuit in taste with low GI good carbs packed out of protein.

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    Back and bis today
    Did 3x8 150 kg dead lift 90 s 2 mins between
    Bb rows 4x12 80 Kg 90 s
    Yates row 4x12-10 80 kg 90 s
    5x5 Chins
    3x10 ez curls
    Was tired as fuck due to limited sleep

    Will go back later for rear delt flys lat pull down and hammer curls


    100 g black Forrest ghatto whey as a fudge thingy with 40 g oats raw overnight soaked in prune juice.

    Post workout
    250 g quark an Apple and a bell pepper...stevia on as well as cinnamon.

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