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Thread: restarting completely advice needed

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    Just hoping I can keep it off this time round.

    Always been able to diet down but as i said previously as soon as I get down past 12% ish every time I start getting ravenous hunger pangs, obsess about food, feel cold all the time etc

    Anyways guy above me is full on muffin' toppin' lol I am not as fat as him so hopefully I have a chance

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    1 egg white
    15 g whey
    2 tsp cocoa
    1tbsp flaxseed oil
    150 g blueberries
    60 g oats

    80 g mango
    250 ml whole milk
    1 tbsp honey
    30 g whey

    70 g humus
    100 g carrots

    120 g chicken breast
    Lemon juice
    Soy sauce

    1 egg white
    1 whole egg
    100g brown rice

    1 can tuna
    1 tbsp mayo
    70 g pickle

    70 g carrot and humus

    For rest days same but only 50 g brown rice

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    Day 1
    Bike to woods
    5 mi walk around woods
    Bike back
    5x5 bench
    Cgbp 2x10
    Smith machine 2x10
    Inc chest db press 2x10
    Db rollbacks 2x10

    Day 2:
    Bike walk bike back
    Bb row 3x10
    Db row 2x10
    Rear delt row 2x10
    Rear delt fly 2x10
    Day 3:
    Rest day. Rotator cuff work etc.
    Day 4:
    Bike walk bike back
    Db shoulder press 2x8
    Side laterals 4x8
    Chest machine 3x8
    Day 5
    Squats: 3x8-12
    Leg extensions 3x12
    Sldl 3x10
    Db shrugs 3x10
    Bike walk bike back
    Day 6:
    Bike walk bike back

    250/w test 350/w tren a
    Singuar 10 mg ed
    12.5 mg eod aromasin if needed

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    That was so depressing.

    Benching 60 Kg. Sixty kilograms. Ffs.

    I was doing some bodyweight squats for my si joint and my moobs were bouncing around and some girl laughed.


    Why did I do this to myself?

    Oh well it was a good workout at least.

    Well. 365 days from now we are either gonna be mr beach body or mr blobby

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    Ah ffs si joint just went out super bad.

    Can barely walk.

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    Popped it back in all good now.

    Had a good walk today at least.

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    Wahey! 5 kg lbm back on me already

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    90 min walking today

    Did shoulders today...

    50 kg ohp 4x10.

    Well not bad considering no training for 6 mos.

    Diet is great. Feel stuffed full on just 1800-2000.

    Leptin must be maxed out.

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    Legs today
    This will likely be extra depressing considering I was inches away from a wr squat before my back injury.

    Here I go.

    I'll probably want to hang myself after this lol!

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    100 kg 8 8 6.

    beyond sad
    If this works... I'll probably end up as a twig with ab outlines in 1yr.

    This is what happens when you let people get to you.

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