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Thread: restarting completely advice needed

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    Upon further research....
    I really think this is the root cause of my binge eating disorder.

    I notice I never 'binge' on typical "comfort foods" like chocolate, nutella etc but actually foods heavy in gluten and casein! Annndd it is usually triggered by a physical pain response. My cravings for stuff like Greek yogurt (not normal yogurt), quark cheese, French bread, pizza, phillidelphia and such is always when my back is in significant pain. Whenever it gets manipulated by a physio and it doesn't hurt the cravings stop regardless of calorie deficit or not.

    Perhaps my brain is craving the opiate activities of these products to dull the chronic pain? I do notice that hwhen my diet is high inbthese products my pain tolerance is very high

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    Haha first time laying in bed in MONTHS where i can actually sleep on my right side and without a heatpad strapped to my back.

    Lumbar spine feels super weird. It is like this weird fluid feeling inside my back...but it is really pleasant. Like some type of movement feeling and it feels like there is water running down the inside of my spine. Such a great day. First fun workout in multiple months. Had a fun bike t&e Sun and now.I get to sleep properly it seems for the first time in a long time.


    Now I'm more motivated and.not in pain if it carries on i will be Abe to cut calories lower because.I won't be thinking to myself "this hurts why am I doing this" as I train.

    If I really pushed I could get this cut done in 8 wks if I really suffered. Could do 1350 kcal non training 1650 training 1800 once a week or so and my bmr won't drop hastily then.

    Shoulders tomorrow!

    So happy

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    Really great shoulder session! Because my leg length discrepancies are normalized now I can exert much more force on the bar because the load is level on my shoulders.

    Did 75 kg 5x5 very easy then 90 kg x 1 like speed work on strict standing ohp. I then did 3x8 60 kg. Then dicked about on the Smith machine at a 90 degree then 60 degree incline for 3xf at 8-12 with 65 kg then did lots of sets of 5 with 25 kg dbs on the incline bench then lots of lat pulldowns simply because the feeling of my scapulas actually moving correctly felt outstandingly pleasant.

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    Really hope my back stays this way! It is like living in a different body!

    A gopd -50 points taken from the depression scale I think.

    Can't remember the time I was this pain free!

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    Felt so great about my pain free body I just Went and did a quick 2nd pump style shoulder workout!!

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    Riding my bike doing cardio....

    Some dickhead driver decides to try and go in between an oncoming car and me on the bike. Veers away from the car into me. Clips my leg and knocks me off my bike.

    Now my back is bad again.

    Just sped off too.

    Why does this shit always happen to me? Why do I always get a moment cruel taste of happiness then someone takes it from me.

    I was right over on the left wearing a reflective jacket for fuck sake.

    Lying in bed in pain.

    Back to physio I suppose. Yet another £30 gone.

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    Found a cool unusually filing desert

    Whey protein with psylium husk with a small amount of water in to make a mouse.

    Tastes good and is legit satiating somehow

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    Eh. Woke up. Back isn't that bad anymore. Leg length discrepancies present once more.

    Just will have to muscle through it and keep in mind fat loss will help it out.


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    Eh modifying diet

    Just eat my favourite meal to keep me motivated 4 x a day which is 50 g oats, 60 g chocolate whey or pancake flav whey on top as a sauce, 75 g blueberries 1 tsp flaxseed oil and 1 egg white. Decent enough meal. Put some cinnamon on it too. Really nice.

    5g-20 g phyllium husks between meals.

    Edit: also loading up on selenium magnesium potassium and multi vits
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    Ordered chocolate cake flavour whey and cheesecake flavour whey too.

    Multiple different tastes also I can interchange between raspberry and blueberries. If I want something savoury I'll make oats spinach bell pepper and lean beef.

    Very cheap too

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